Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Broken windows!

Or one broken window at least! SO the fact that the windows were not installed properly lead to 6 inches of thick ice on the INSIDE of the windows which led to one of the windows CRACKING IN HALF this morning. Our bedroom window. Which is already so freaking cold in there because the insulation is crap... so cold that my mattress is now in the living room so Phoenix and I can stay warm.

Yah. Useless fucking contractor strikes again!

Robyn and Gray came to visit today while the pre-k girls were in school. We got both babes to sleep and destressed with a nice quiet chat. It's refressing to see that some one else's babe fights sleep as much as Phoenix does ;) I told her to leave Gray here while she went to pick up the girls and he visited me in the kitchen while I did some dinner prep. He's such a happy go lucky little fellow. I love the way he giggles like a maniac when you catch him doing something he shouldn't ;)

I made pizza for dinner tonight. Sausage, carmalized red onions, garlic and yellow peppers, my homemade sweet and sour bbq sauce, mozza and feta cheese. My homemade whole wheat crust... HEAVEN. Easily the best pizza to date. Sooooooo good. I need to make it for Robyn... she'd love it (minus the feta ;) )

I wrapped all the x-mas pressies that I had already. At least that's done.

I'm up this late because I'm just finishing off baking oatmeal/chocolate chip muffins for Maddy's "teddy bear picnic" at school tomorrow. lol! Yep... I'm one of "those" moms. They didn't ask us to send anything but I thought it would be nice. I also had to make a name tag for her bear and make her lunch. I did this all at around 12:30am. Think I could have started a wee bit earlier?

Well I should head to bed. Morning will come all too soon and I can't really sleep in much past 8 as Maddy and Jeff will be coming through the living room. I think Olivia and I might just have a pj day, lounge on the bed and watch movies.

Mood right now? Content :)

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