Sunday, November 26, 2006

Another sunday

It was a pretty good day. Got to sleep in. Had a great brunch (bacon, eggs, toast and jam) and visited Robyn and the kids for the afternoon. The kids "eventually" had a good time. Jassy was in a mood for the first part. I think Olivia telling her that she was "being mean" and that she didn't want to play with her finally brought her out of her funk... that and they had a snack. Food makes everything better apparently. Especially fruit cups. Manna from heaven ;)

I read the "Night Before Christmas" to the girls for bed. I really need to get a hard copy of it. I'd like to make that a tradition. Maddy got to paint "guys" with daddy today. She got a real kick out of it and I think that jeff did too.

Our new windows suck ass. They were installed the wrong way or something and have like an inch of ice build up on them!!! So we're got All-west glass coming this week to fix them. Guess you get what you pay for... the guy that installed them (remember the useless contractor?) did it for a really good price but took like a fucking month! Now our heating bill is going to go through the room.

Oh and our Star Choice reciever is fried I think. It's not recieving properly... we've got a guy coming out on tuesday and I think he'll probably tell me we need a new one. I'm going to politely explain that they better give us a new one or we'll drop their service.

Robyn is going to pick Maddy up from school for me tomorrow thank goodness. It's way too cold to be taking a baby out in this weather. I really hope they have an "in day" I've got her two kids for the later part of the morning. Then they'll have lunch with us and hang out. I think I'll make some chicken/garlic/brocolli pasta for dinner. Maybe some foccacia as well.

Tuesday Kathy and Julian are coming for lunch (well they are bringing the lunch with them) and then Thursday Jean, Elisabeth and Alex are coming for lunch and to watch "Cars" with us.

It's going to be a busy week. Friday is Jeff's birthday so I'll bake him a cake and have people over for cake and ice cream. I should pick up some more coke and ... ice cream. Lol!

Trying to figure out what to get him. Think think think.

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