Saturday, November 18, 2006


I like my sister in law. I really do! She just had a baby and she swore she wouldn't co-sleep, cloth diapers were a no go, she'd "try" to breastfeed... I just talked to her for 1 1/2 hours tonight and she told me what an inspiration I am to her in parenting. How she's so proud that she's breastfeeding and what a help I have been. How she never would have tried cloth diapering if it were not for me and how much she LOVES sleeping with her babe and that she only thought about it after seeing how happy my babes were sleeping by my side.

I LIKE my sister in law! I have a new friend. I am so very proud of her for following her instincts and doing what feels right for her and her babe.

Speaking of friends... apparently my best friend left town to quesnel. Said best friend didn't tell me she was leaving town. Hey... best friend? I worry about you! Let me know when you are taking off so I don't think the worst! Or at least then I'll know where to stalk you ;) I mean find you ;) lol! Love ya girl.

My house is still very clean. The computer desk is downstairs and it's sooo nice. So much more decluttered. So tidy looking. I love it! Laundry still caught up. Heaven :)

Girls have ballet tomorrow. I should have got their stuff ready tonight but I was not on the ball. Oh well.

Oh and I got the strangest phone call today. A woman from my pagan group called me out of the blue. Says "you have to do me a big favour" (ummm no... I don't have to do anything) she wants me to watch all three of her kids this weekend! Apparently her eldest has brought some allegations against them (he's 9 and adopted... major issues) and social services said all three kids had to go for the weekend. I lied (I know I know) and said we all had the flu. I cannot look after those kids. The two year old would be fine and the older kids are psycho. There is no way that I can deal with a 7 and 9 year old that still pee in their pants and are so incredibly hyper/rude/spaced out for AN ENTIRE WEEKEND!

So I said no. I can't watch three kids day and night for three days on top of my three kids.

I should not have lied but it was a gut reaction. Dammit... this is probably really bad for my karma.

Should go to bed... so sleepy.

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Robyn said...

oops...i thought i told you! maybe it was rose i told. wasn't sure if we were going or not since i was waiting to see if anyone was still sick. so i only decided the day before that i was going. i am a bad friend! LOL