Friday, April 28, 2006

Baby corn and other things...

I love baby corn. For lunch I just had a bunch. Yum. Little salt and pepper and I am in heaven!

So I'm mostly better and over this sickness. My throat is not sore anymore. My ears are unplugged. Still a bit of a cough but I can deal with that :)

Sunday Jeff and I are hosting Beltane. There's going to be about 20 people here. I am almost 34 weeks pregnant. Am I insane??? It's a potluck and I am making veggie chili with ground round, foccacia and hummus. We're also providing drinks, munchies etc.

I have another non stress test tomorrow. The baby has been moving around so much I hope they can keep a tracing on him!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Jeff has a blog too...

and you can read all about it at


Or lack there of...

Once again it's 5 am and I am WIDE AWAKE. I wake every single night between 4 and 4:30 and cannot get back to sleep. So I wander the house, have some water, chew some gum, go pee... eventually get on the computer and see what the rest of the world is doing. Usually not too much ;) Dammit I just got to sleep at like 1:30! So now I'll be awake till at least 6 am and then up at 9 am with the girls. No wonder I'm fucking tired all the time.

So Jeff and I are hosting the Beltaine ritual for our pagan group this sunday. They are a good group of people and I am enjoying getting to know them. It's nice to have some "couple" friends again as we've been without that kind of interaction for a couple of years now.

Baby blue is sleeping peacefully at the moment... okay never mind. As I wrote that he kicked my right rib. Nice. lol! He's an active one for sure. I rewashed all his teeny newborn and small cloth diapers today. Washed my organic velour breastpads and got the fleece liners done too. I've been having contractions on and off for a couple of nights so on the off chance this baby makes his way here too early... I am ready.

I caught a side profile of myself tonight in our big picture window. Fucking huge. That's all.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Names? Names? My kingdom for a name...

That does not suck. That I don't hate. That everyone can pronounce... you get the idea.

Girl name was easy... Indigo Violet Robyn. Easy Peasy. Except for one little fact... apparently we're not having a girl.

So boy baby was going to be Gryphon. Then Zephyr. Then... then... then... I THINK we're settle on Phoenix. The baby seems to agree and it just works mentally for me. I could never picture this baby being a Gryphon... it just was not right.

So Phoenix. Yep. For today at least.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

yummm... mucus...

Yah I'm slowly leaking some mucus from my plug. I did this with Olivia for a couple of months so I'm not worried. It regenerates. I did a quick cervical check and it's long, high and only a fingertip open. I'm not terribly panicked because even if the baby was born RIGHT NOW he's big enough and far along enough that the outcome would probably be very good.

I sold a sling today so we're taking the kids out to see a movie. Ice age 2. Luckily Olivia is still under 3 so she's free :)

This n that

I THINK my sore throat is not as sore today. At least I can eat without being in terrible pain. Did I mention I am done with being sick? DONE DONE DONE.

My other father is not in good shape. He's been on a heavy duty drug for arthiritus called Embrol. It's been working well but it works by killing your immune system. His dr. informed him that he's had a heart attack (a silent one) and that if anyone is the slightest bit sick he is not allowed around them. So the girls have not even seen their other grandparents in almost a month :( It's making them very sad.

Maddy is at ballet right now and Olivia is eating a fruit cup. The same fruit cup she's been eating for the last half hour. No wonder she's only 28 lbs at almost 3 years old!!!

This baby is doing something very strange to my bladder. It hurts!!!! Since baby has dropped (and neither of my girls ever did) I'm getting all sorts of wierd sensations. Like shooting pains through my cervix... what the heck is that? And if feels like I'm walking with a ball between my legs... baby's head? It's kinda cool :)

My grandmother invited us over for dinner tomorrow. It should be fun. She's got tons of land and the kids can run free without us worrying about people snatching them. Course there are the bears.... oh well. You can't protect them from everything ;) lol!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Getting better? Maybe?

Well I got sick. Sicker than sick. The sickest I've ever felt for the longest I've ever felt sick. Then Olivia got sick (pneumonia) then Maddy got sick... but not too too sick. Then Jeff got sick AGAIN! Then I was still sick. Sick sick sick.


But I THINK we're coming out the other side of this. I still have clogged ears and a sore throat but the rest of the symptoms are gone.

On totally unrelated news... my good friend Jean gave birth by repeat c-section yesterday to a little boy :) His name is Alex and we're going to see him tonight. I'm still not sure what her logic was behind the repeat section but... not my body. I gave her my point of view and listened to her and that's all one can do right?

I had my 32 week u/s on tuesday. Everything is great! Baby is growing well and an estimated 4lbs 12 oz. He's still a he... lol.