Thursday, November 23, 2006

G double rr

My son. Listen up. When you are grouchy all day, don't want to nap, drooling all over the place and bitch for like two hours before bed this probably means that YOU ARE TIRED. You need sleep. So when mommy spends a half hour nursing you, gently sets you down in the family bed and expects a night to herself... do not wake up 1.5 hours after this yelling and screaming and refuse to go back to sleep after being nursed. It turns gentle mama into a mama that picks you up, gives you to daddy and takes a breather.

Thankfully after nursing again for another twenty minutes (about 15 minutes after I had just nursed his for 20 minutes in bed to try to get him back to sleep) he is in bed. I hope he's asleep. I don't hear anything... I'm not checking though. Just in case.

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