Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tired... but a new day :)

Phoenix slept like absolute crap last night... seeming to have tummy issues. So today I change a poopy diaper and it's green and chunky... wtf? Then I remember... when I was on antibiotics after he was born for my uterine infection his poop got green and chunky... the SAME ANTIBIOTIC. So psa... Keflex produces green and chunky poo in breastfed babies. It also gives them tummy aches.

Mystery solved.

I've only got 5 days of the stuff so hopefully he'll be better soon after that.

Today was parent observation day at ballet. So Phoenix and I watched Olivia for an hour and then Madeline for an hour. Both girls are doing wonderfully, were perfect listeners and both got comments and praise from both Tina (their teacher) and other parents on how they are naturals. That's my girls!

Jeff's at a meeting with a new web client. It's about a $1500 or so job so that would be nice at this time of year. The client is a pain in the ass to deal with (wants something specific, but won't tell him what... lol) but jeff has had dealings with him for almost 5 years. He usually turns to jeff whenver he has a new project to do.

The girls are watching cars. again. for the like 5th time. Thankfully I like the movie ;)

Jeff let me sleep in the morning. He took the babe at around 9:20 and let me sleep till 10:45. Heaven! Asleep ALONE in my bed! Only the second time that has happened in 6 months :)

Oh and fiend is 18.5 lbs now :)

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