Friday, March 31, 2006

Oh my fucking hell...

I am in pain the likes of which I have not know for a loooooong time. My sciatic nerve has been okay for the last bit but today I woke up with it just killing me. I was managing it fine until dh (and that's not darling) went screeching at top speed around a corner when we were out doing errands today. I almost fell off my seat of the van and the PAIN WAS SO FUCKING INTENSE I just howled! Can you damage a nerve? Because now all the way down from the top of my ass to my fucking foot is KILLING ME!!!!! Ow ow ow ow ow :( /whinge

So jeff is sick. Really sick. Mega flu sick. He has to go to work tomorrow cause he does not have any sick time. He didn't get any sleep last night and looks like hell. Fever, achey bod, runny nose, cough, sneeze... blerg. I better not get this! I bought him some extra stength neo-citron and sent him to bed at like 8pm.

I'm going to have a bath and wait for the tylenol to kick in... ouch.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Decluttering queen

In the past two weeks I have gone through all the girls clothes, their closets and their toys. Purged the laundry room, rec room, hall closet and craft drawer. Cleaned out the fridge, freezer and pantry and totally changed around and decluttered the living room. Now I want to purge my closet, the kitchen cupboards and the storage room. Then my ENTIRE HOUSE will be done.

So the total is...

donations: 9 large green garbage bags and 2 huge boxes
throw aways: at least 6 large green garbage bags

nesting much?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Oh blerg...

I just spent the last 1/2 hour cleaning out my fridge, freezer and pantry. It was smellin kinda manky. I don't know why we keep bottles of assorted crap with like 1/4 inch of stuff in the bottom... and then CONTINUE to keep them for like... two years. Blerg. So there is officially no food in my fridge. One bag of carrots. Some pears and apples. 3 jars of salsa and some pickles. Oh and soy cheese and eggs. Thank goodness payday is friday or we might all starve to death. After I write this I have to go smash up all the boxes for recyling. I'm planning also to declutter the hallway closet and maybe the junk cupboard in the kitchen. I'm nesting.

It's recently come to light that my "sister" (her parents basically raised me from young teenagerhood has been living with a pedophile for the last four years. He's now been found with NASTY pics of little (and I mean little) girls on his computer. He's been pulled into the police station twice now! He really just needs to be taken out back and fucking shot. There's some concern raised that he might have pics of my kids on his computer. He has a camera phone and they found pics of HIS daughters pantied vulva on the computer... who knows how long he's been taking pics like this. he's never been alone with my kids but we've all been camping together and he's been around the parent's place with just out of the bath naked kidlets running around... I don't even want to think about him "thinking" about my girls :(

Well off to keep cleaning. Baby is fine. I'm fine. Girls are fine :)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tired and bitchy

I think my husband thinks I'm going crazy. Yep I've entered the third trimester insane mood swing stage. Fuck I hate this stage!!!! It seems like I burst into tears over the STUPIDEST things at least once a day. I'm going to drive that poor man to drink... I know it.

I'm patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for 3 or 4 packages from the states to arrive and one from canada. One from the states has been a month now, one from here has been at least two weeks. I've emailed the mom's to ask if they've shipped them and no reply. We're talking about $150 worth of diapering stuff for the new baby and new longies (Mosaic moon ones!) for Olivia. I sure hope 1. It arrives and 2. It was mailed in the first place.

My mom came home this morning (she works in alberta.) I talked to her briefly.

The kids are cuddled up watching "finding nemo" I need a nap.

Monday, March 13, 2006

We're off to the clinic...

With a fever of 104 that I can't get down in Olivia no matter what I do. Fuck I hate it when kids are sick and I can't DO anything.

A bunch of sicko's

Is what Olivia and I are today. We were at my other mother's last wednesday and we came in contact with a sick boy cousin and a sick aunt. Olivia's cousin Jassy ended up sick for her birthday party on saturday and I think Olivia was already feeling punky by then... she was pretty clingy and whiney (she's not usually like that.) Yesterday she ate no breakfast, 1/4 of a pb sandwich for lunch and two oven fries for dinner. After determining she had a temp of 103 I gave her a bath, a popsicle and sent her to bed, at 6:30. I checked on her many times last night and she was warmish... but ok. Then this morning she woke me and she was still at 102.1. Poor babe.

Of course now my nose is running and I feel shitty... was I not JUST SICK? The wait for Maddy to get this is now on.

We did so much running around this weekend. After trying every single dress that Maddy own's on her for the party, we determined that ONE DRESS out of 10 DRESSES fit her. Everything fits body wise... but she just shot up another 4 inches so everything is way too short. Be damned if I am paying 15-20 bucks a dress for her to play in (she LOVES to wear dresses. All the time.) So we went to Value village and got a total of 9 dresses (four for M and five for O) for $40. So cute. And they are all basically brand new summery dresses.

We also got the recyling done, old clothes donated, some groceries bought. Some housework done, the driveway chalked... (lol! maddy and daddy did some awesome artwork)

I'm off back to bed. Maddy will be up soon and I need some more rest before dealing with her for the day.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Well that was wierd...

I went out last night with a friend. A friend that I have not even SEEN despite being in the same town... for 10 years! I saw her at the mall last saturday, she gave me her card, I wrote her an email, we got together. Wierd.

We met in grade eight and were best friends all through highschool and for a couple of years after. Then she got a boyfriend, kinda ditched all of us, I moved in with my boyfriend and we lost touch.

Whats strange is that even after 10 FREAKING YEARS it's like I just saw her yesterday. We talked non stop for almost 4 hours. We went out to a restaurant and had a hard time shutting up to even eat our food. It's amazing! I just feel so... wow... I don't know... energized? We've also just connected and it's cool to see that we still do.

After eating and talking (and talking and talking) I brought her home to meet my husband ;) We're probably going to get together this weekend so that she can meet my kids and I can meet her guy.

It was just meant to happen. Fate... or the stars are lined up JUST RIGHT. Or something. I really don't care what. I am glad that I found my friend again :)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I... am... full...


I was having a craving for farmers sausage yesterday. So while I was at my other mother's I mentioned it and OF COURSE she had some in her freezer. So guess what I had for breakfast? Farmer's sausage. Lots of farmer's sausage. Blerg.

I think we're going to take the kids to see Big Comfy Couch live on stage. They'd better appreciate it! The tickets are like $18 each! I'm hoping my best friend Robyn and her kids come too.

I have LLL tonight. I have a feeling it's going to be a pretty informal meeting. Those are the best kinds though. I'll probably take Olivia tonight as Jassy's going to be there... or maybe too much chaos would ensue!

My sister is irritating the ever loving fuck out of me these days. Apparently she's had a miscarriage every single month that she's been married to her alabama husband (they met on the net, one month later he was here in canada, 1.5 weeks later they were married, 2.5 weeks later they were back in alabama... the condensed version of course.) Now I've had quite a few miscarriages and I know how that can hurt... but if you are simply 1 FUCKING DAY LATE for her period and never even took a pregnancy test, how on earth could you have known you were pregnant? She keeps telling me about the massive clots and how she swears she saw a baby in there... at 4 weeks 1 day. Ok. Sure. Yah. fucking hell.

Well off to have a bath. The kids are transfixed by Berenstain bears ;)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What is a mom...

Someone to be abused constantly apparently.

Jeff let me sleep in this morning. I got up, he shoveled the driveway. He was getting ready to take a shower and I was watching the kids play with their wooden train set. After being GOOD AS GOLD all morning while I was sleeping... the second I get up Maddy starts acting up. Yelling at her sister, throwing things around, not listening to a word I say. We've been having this problem where when I ask her to hand me something she just chucks it at me. I AM NOT A PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!! She really makes me feel like I am sometimes. How is it that a fucking FOUR YEAR OLD has that power over me????

I'm repeating "use gentle voices maddy... we're right here! Toys are for playing not for throwing, listen to mommy I am saying something you need to hear... WE DON'T THROW THINGS AT MOMMY! HAND IT TO ME NICELY!"

I have little to no patience. I'm not sleeping very well at night. Olivia was grouchy due to teeth all day yesterday. I'm still supposed to be taking it easy. Blerg.

On that note; how come every time I have to leave the house I want to scream. I have mother goose tonight. I have to bake a cake. The task seems huge to me. I don't WANT to make snack. I don't WANT to go to mother goose. But I do you know?

Sigh. It's one of those days.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Frodo... lost his mojo...

He's frodo the mojo less cat!

That would be a little ditty composed by my husband. Frodo the blue and white persian, at the tender age of 8 months... has been separated from his testicles today. He seems pretty pissed about the whole thing I have to say ;) He's still zoo'ed out of his tree and very very mellow. Tell me though, when they say to keep the cat from running and jumping, how do they think we are supposed to do that exactly?

I had a good day. Jeff got up with the kids and let me sleep until 10am. Then I was back in bed at 1pm for a nap and slept until 4:30! I got up and Jeff made cheese tortelini and pesto for dinner. We never dreamed the kids would eat the pesto so jeff put some tomato sauce on theirs for them. Of course... they wanted the pesto. I have strange children.

We drove around for a bit tonight after doing some shopping. We needed water and a birthday gift for Jassy (my niece). She's turning three! She's three months younger than Olivia which means Olivia is turning three soon... sigh. We bought her a wooden doll furniture set with a table and two chairs, high chair and cradle. I think she will like it :)

Off for now. Olivia fell asleep while we were driving so she's in bed already. maddy and daddy are reading a ballet story and then she'll be down. Ahhhh... the sound of sweet silence.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My baby is growing up...

Waaaahhhh! Maddy and daddy left about 20 minutes ago for kindergarten registration. She turns 5 in september and here you have to turn 5 before December 31st on the year you go to school. So she'll be one of the younger ones but she's very mature and bright so I know she'll do well.

Of course I am such a dolt I totally forgot about the vaccination issue. Jeff asks as they are walking out... "so what if they ask if she is vaccinated?" I'm like... ummm... well... and of course I can't remember if they require it or not! I looked it up though and thankfully BC kids don't have any mandatory vaccination nessesary.

The thing that is wigging me out about this school is it's full day kindergarden. Two times one week and then three times the next week (so monday, wednesday one week and then rotating fridays.) I'm sure she'll do well. I hope she'll do well. Sigh.

It just seems to wierd. To be having a baby... and watching my first baby go to school.

Just rambling... Livia is still sleeping and this baby is playing hide and go boo with my bladder