Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Well apparently Maddy's food dye allergies extend to cosmetics with dyes. We (the great pumpkin) got her a pink and purple disney princess make up set. She's been acting slightly loopy. Guess that's the end of that! She's not too bad... just slightly insane.

Robyn and the kids were over today and broke bread with us at mealtime. I made a very yummy chicken pasta dish. I cooked four breasts (boneless skinless) in the crockpot with a red onion sliced, three cloves of diced garlic, tons of olive oil (extra virgin from greece) fresh organic cracked pepper and chunky sea salt. I cooked some frozen brocolli, a bag of rotini pasta and tossed. Sooooo good. The chicken was melt in your mouth soft. My kids both ate like three bowls! I also made a pan of foccacia (whole wheat) topped with sea salt and paprika. Yum.

I chatted with my mother tonight. My grandmother clark has had two more mini strokes and they don't figure she has much time left. I know she wants to leave this earth... I hope it's peaceful and in her sleep :( I'll go visit her and bring her chocolate on friday. Apparently she's craving chocolate.

Both my boys are passed out in the rocking chair. Phoenix was fussing while I was on the phone and he passed out in Jeff's arms. Nice! House is on in 20 minutes so I'll wake Jeff then ;)

Tomorrow is a school day for Madeline. What to pack for lunch? Maybe pb and honey again and an apple fruit cup for snack. She needs her milk to go along with it... "no juice mommy... I prefer rice milk" Okay...

Oh... Phoenix is stirring... better boob the babe.

tuesday... continued

Jeff's out and about at a friend of his to get some army stuff. Phoenix went to sleep and was in bed by 9:30! He must be growing. With the amount he's been eating lately it's about time he has the sleeping part of the growth spurt.

House was interesting tonight. I won't spoil it ;)

Maddy's lunch is made. Organic pb and rasberry jam on whole wheat. Organic raisens and carrot/celery sticks round out the lunch portion. Apple mango unsweetened fruit cup for snack. I have to make sure to pack her a QUICK snack as they only get five minutes to eat it. 5 minutes! And they are not allowed to take it outside if they don't finish it. Madeline often comes home without having eaten all her food and just starving. I'm not so into that I have to say.

I should clean the kitchen... but I'm not.
I should do some laundry... (see above)
I could do some reading of actual paper books... nah.

I think I'll surf and drink pineapple juice.

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