Friday, December 01, 2006

CUTEST BABY EVAH and a daddy birthday day!

Daddy and Madeline reading the card that Madeline wrote all by herself! That's daddy on the front wearing long sleeves because it is so cold outside ;)

Daddy and Olivia with the very first card she has ever printed... apparently she does know all her letters and how to write them. Who'd a thunk it?

THE CUTEST HAT EVER!!!!! made this hat and I freaking love it! Apparently so does he ;)

Once again with the cute cat and CUTE BABY in the sling... telling mommy how much he likes the hat (and how much he likes boobs of course.) Hat is now safely wrapped up and ready to be put under the tree.


Robyn said...

that hat is SO cute i could just die. SO CUTE!!!! and the model is very cute too!

Lady Aeval said...

Oh, what an adorable baby!