Friday, November 17, 2006

flylady... among other things...

flylady is going great! 5 days in and my laundry is always caught up, my sinks never looked better, my toilet smells great and the decluttering is going famously! I've already this week:
cleaned toilet
cleaned out girls clothes and closets
got caught up and stayed caught up on laundry
cleaned all my utensil drawers
cleaned out my "junk" drawer and cabinet
cleaned out and decluttered my bookshelf and kids craft cupboard
cleaned off the cupboard and basket in the kitched
decluttered the living room
got jeff to move the desk downstairs and cleaned the aftermath of that

nap times and after bed times are my cleaning times. Once the whole house is decluttered (hall closet, my closet, junk cupboard and rec room are all that's left to do) I'll feel so much relief. I'm being ruthless in my throwing/giving away of items.

On to other things...
Maddy's got show and tell at school tomorrow. We washed "piggie" tonight and he'll be clean and ready to go for the morning. I made her pb and j for lunch but cut it into various shapes; an apple, star and two baby hearts. She'll like that. Yoguart, raisens, snap peas and rice milk to round it out.

Olivia had a good day at preschool today. Jassy was there so I am assuming the family is no longer sick. I hope not for their sakes.

Jeff's watching Robocop (blerg) and I'm off to bed. Long day and I'm giving myself a break tomorrow (as per flylady's request)

My sink is shined and I'm ready to go :)

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