Thursday, November 09, 2006

It's been a long day

-Phoenix was up about every 45 minutes last night nursing
-I got up before I got very much sleep at about 9:30 am
-I had a bath with both small kids (one at a time)
-Jeff left for work... an afternoon/night shift
-Olivia and I hung out
-We bundled up and picked Maddy up from school (to find out that someone in her class was barfing today)
-got her picture proofs back (soooo cute)
-got ready to go to rose and al's
-had dinner there
-went to mother goose and led a session
-back to rose and al's... hung out there till 10pm
-came home and put girls to bed
-nursed Phoenix to sleep only to have him wake up screaming not 45 minutes later...
-rocked Phoenix BACK to sleep again
-wrote in my blog... 1:02 am

I'm tired. It's been a very long day. Not sure if rose is going to babysit the girls on sunday... she's had the boys all week and then will have Robyn's kids on friday I guess. Meh. Whatever. I really wanted to hang with Jeff on sunday at the tourney but it's probably too much for Al's nerves to have my kids there for an entire day. I love my kids to death... but I can really see how others might not be able to handle their high needsness (read brattyness) lol!

Off to bed in a bit. Maddy's going to hang with Jean and Elisabeth tomorrow and go roller skating. Liv has preschool and I'll have the house allll to myself. I really should clean. I should. I'll probably nap though ;)

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