Monday, November 20, 2006


Maddy had a much better day today. She was polite, respectful, could actually sit down for two seconds and I LOVED being around her. What a difference come down off the artificial dyes and sweeteners can do. My poor babe.

Olivia, phoenix and I slept until 10:30 this morning. Rather, Liv and I slept, Phoenix talked, kicked, played, grabbed me and tried to get me to wake up. I was rather sleepy as I had went to bed around 2am. He nursed about 6 times between 2am and 6am and then WAS UP FOR THE DAY. I'm tired.

We had a slow morning. Olivia actually ate a bowl of "mommy oatmeal" (real oatmeal as opposed to instant crap) and liked it! We played, watched some tv, olivia coloured and then we ate lunch. Jeff dropped us off at Maddy's school at 2:10 and we waited for Maddy to be finished. We walked home, had a snack, played... you get the idea.

Tonight we ordered supper from Domino's pizza as they were having a "dough raising" fundraiser to raise money for a new playground for Maddy's school. It was yummy. Our pizza had feta on it... mmmm... I LOVE feta.

After dinner we had a "family night movie" which we had planned for last night but the power going out kinda put that on hold. We bought the widescreen version of Cars (we had already seen it at the drive in and loved it!) so we stacked blankets and pillows on the floor, got some strawberry banana frozen yoguart and crashed. Maddy actually FELL ASLEEP about 20 minutes before the end (she usually does that when's she's coming down off of a reaction) and Jeff carried her to bed. Phoenix was fussy and drooly requiring teething tablets and multiple nursings. He's now (finally) in bed.

Jeff just cleaned the kitchen, mopped the floor and is now geekin out with his warhammer.

I balanced the budget today, finished my shopping lists and did my flylady stuff. Tomorrow is a 27 fling boogie for the bedroom.

I'm afraid that Phoenix is not getting his discovery dome for Christmas... having to buy a car seat kind of put a wrench in things. I don't want to take away from anyone else's pressies so we'll cut back at home. Hey! At least he'll be safe.

I'm excited about one of his gifts :) is making him a white and blue knit bunny ear hat! I can't wait to see it.

Oh and we got a package in the mail today from one of Jeff's cousins Sarah and her hubby Brad. They sent a gorgeous outfit for Phoenix... Old Navy light blue overalls and a cream coloured waffle wear long sleeved onesie. Stripedy long sleeved old navy shirts for the girls and playdoh as well! That was a very nice suprise :)

Well I'm off to have a nice, long bath. Cross fingers the fiend does not need to be boobed.

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