Sunday, November 19, 2006

Google till ya puke

Or in other words... the great car seat debate is on.

Phoenix needs a new seat. He's not quite at the weight limit for his graco seat (20lbs) but He's definately coming close to the height limit. So I've searched and searched and searched.

I think *think* we've chosen the Sunshine Kids Radian 65 that you can get at Canadian Tire. It's one of only two seats in canada that do a five point harness up to 48 lbs. This is a very important feature to us as it's imperative to keep kids in a harness for as long as possible. I'm uber uber pissed that seats up to 65lbs don't exsist in Canada but do in the states. I'd totally switch Maddy back to a harnessed seat if I could.

So the Radian it is. The other contenders were the Safety first Intera and the Evenflo Triumph 5. Both good seats. Both highly rated. Both only good up to 40 lbs. Doh! The Radian is $199 canadian so it's not too bad. Dammit I REALLY WISH I had not given away my Fisher Price Safe Embrace which apparently is good to 33 lbs rear facing. At least it has a good home. I was hoping that the new Fisher Price seat (the safe voyage) that is made by Britax would make it into canada (rear facing till 33 lbs and forward till 65!) but alas... not so much yet.

I've been searching for 2.5 hours. I'm tired.

Phoenix was up until after midnight tonight. I kept trying to convince him to sleep but it was not to be. Finally jeff slung him and then patted him to sleep. He better sleep well tonight!

I got more yule shopping done today. Bought Kylee two books and a poster/marker set. Picked up some more stuff for the girls... so far

princess light up tracing desk
Champion horse set
baby car seat
princess ballet slippers
12 dancing princess sticker book

playdoh activity mat
fur real panther cub
baby car seat
princess ballet slippers
Horse (stand up with bridle, saddle to ride)
Dora book

twirly popper do dad thingy
chunky soft car
white and blue bunny hat


It's almost 2:30am. Time for bed.

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