Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How cute it is!

To see Phoenix's fat little butt waddling around the house as he masters the art of crawling... of course now he can also master the art of getting into stuff that he should not be.

His first mess of the day was to dump the ENTIRE bucket of dog water on the floor. And as Olivia sprinted to grab a towel she slipped, landed first on her butt and then on her head and then proceeded to scream. She was soaked, Phoenix was soaked, the dog was scared and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry lol! Olivia just kept saying "that Phoenix... life was easier before he could move." *insert maniacal laughter here"

He's currently crawled into the dining room and is cleaning the floor. Blerg. There cannot be much there... the dog is really good at making sure of that already ;)

Well I had to take my first time out from Phoenix in the middle of the night. He woke up, screamed and screamed and screamed. I was getting ready to chuck him across the room so I left, took a breather, came back in (he was still screaming) and was ready to be gentle and kind. I held his hand, stroked his fingers and he stopped screaming and went back to sleep. The is the very first time in over five years that I've had to leave a screaming baby. I highly doubt I would have hurt him but the images in my head were not very kind... we'll put it that way.

Since Olivia got up before I did my living room is already trashed. She's currently munching on a juicy mango. They had cases of them (12 to a case) for sale at Superstore at $6 a case! I should go pick up another before they are all gone. I heart mango's.

Well I should eat some breakfast. I am tired today... very very tired.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

mish mash mosh

My son is crawling. We're in for it ;)

We're going to see Shrek the Third today as a family. My inlaws sent me a cheque for my birthday so I'm taking everyone as my treat. I'm hoping Phoenix does alright! I can't believe he'll be 1 in less than a week!!!!!

We had a good time at my parents last night. We had bbq'ed hamburgers and they were delicious. We did smores as well and the girls enjoyed that. We actually managed to have nice conversations and I felt like I was being heard for one. It was nice.

I asked Jeff to cancel my birthday thing for tomorrow night. It was not well organized and I didn't want him calling people the day before asking them to come. I find that rude when people do that to me so I didn't want to be the reason it was being done to others. And really? When you get to this age the only people that care about your birthday is your kids anyways! I didn't want to have to spend my whole birthday cleaning my house, making a cake and generally stressed about having guests. Not my idea of a good time. It probably sounds like I am pissed and annoyed at jeff... but I'm not. Just disappointed. I'll get over it ;)

I wish my kids would stop fighting. They are annoying me. They are making me repeat everything 4 or 5 times. I don't have the patience for this today... well I'm being patience but I sure as fuck don't feel like it.

Oh but I got to sleep to 11am today so that was cool!

Oh and cause we're really really broke I don't actually get a birthday present. Maybe I'll buy myself something when my mother goose money comes in. I really want a new pair of Birks.

Apparently Rose is still dropping off a present for tomorrow night. I really wish people would not spend money on me that is way better off spent elsewhere. Money is tight for everyone these days.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We're back!

And you all will be happy to know that my husband apologized for being an ass and putting unrealistic demands on me and all is well with the world ;)

So we went to Lac La Hache for the long weekend with out brand new (to us) tent trailer. The van towed it there with no problems, we set it up with no problems and had no problems with it for the entire weekend! yayyy!!!! It was so very nice to be warm all night, wake up and be able to have a warm drink right away, have a place to hang and cook when it rained and have places to stash all of our stuff. It so totally rocked!!!!

The girls had the "best time ever!" They found a couple of older kids (10 year old girls) that took to them instantly and carted them around for the weekend. They went for walks, played in the playground, bounced around from site to site and had more freedom then they had EVER had before. But they respected the rules, checked in often and were so well behaved it was incredible. They played hard, slept hard... ate hard... lol. They ate like horses and were in bed asleep by like 10 every night but the first one. The decided that smores rock, hot dogs were very cool and that getting to drink juice all the time was so very cool ;)

Phoenix did okay. He was slung about 90% of every day by either jeff or I. I brought the playpen and he went in for for two minutes once before screaming. I won't pack that next time. It was a waste of space. He has a newfound love for buttered popcorn rice cakes (the big ones... he'd eat an entire one in a sitting!) Him and I slept in one bunk, the girls in the other and jeff on the table bed. I would have rather slept with Jeff instead of Phoenix but with him nursing so often still it's impractical.

Jeff and I had a blast. We loved hanging out around the fire with all the other adults at night, drinking and laughing. Good times.

We're planning for our next trip already. We're probably heading to Hixon next. It's only a half hour away but it's a cute campground with water/power/playground/dog area. It's on a river that you can gold pan in.

It's hard to explain but even though we had a rocking good time... I'm eager to do it without the entire clan. I felt a bit judged at times and a bit... ignored (not by you guys Robyn obviously). It didn't ruin my time by any means and I won't let it bother me at all. But I am eager to do it alone. We're hoping that Robyn and clan might want to come to Hixon with us... or if not there then maybe somewhere else this summer. I had a blast with them.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"all done mama, alllll done!"

especially NOT the children!

Mr. Phoenix decided at 2:47am that he was "all done" sleeping and I should get up and amuse him. Needless to say I was not amused... in the slightest.

He screamed for 1.5 hours... right in my ear. He would not be soothed, nursed, cuddled... I ended up wrapping him in a blanket, rocking back and forth and shushing vigorously. All the while Jeff and I are fighting because "he wants his wife and life back" and "phoenix is manipulating me."

O... K...

I know that Jeff was just ranting and I can respect that. But I WILL NOT let Phoenix cry it out and I WILL NOT leave the room and let him scream and I WILL NOT let myself feel guilty for tending to my infant sons needs... even if that means I ignore some of my own needs. I won't. I will not. It's not going to happen. Ever.

I know that Jeff has needs. I do. But at 2:47 at night when he's already been sleeping for an hour the only need he has right then is sleep. I told him to go into the living room and crash on the couch so he could get some sleep. He chose instead to rant and rave for an hour. So he made the choice to not sleep as I see it.

I am tired of being an all night buffet. I am tired of being on beck and call. I am tired. Period. But this is the way that we chose a long time ago to raise our children and I am not changing it now. Besides... jeff does none of the nighttime parenting anyways. When he's the one getting up 3-4 times a night then he gets to choose how, when and where our son sleeps.

I love my husband. I love my son. I want to make both happy. But when it comes down to it Phoenix will only be a baby for a short period of time. If I meet his needs now (like I did for both girls) in the short term it will have great rewards for the long term. I am trying my very hardest to make my husband happy and respect his needs. His house is clean, there is almost always dinner on the table (and often it's what he's requested), he can go out whenever he wants, if he wants sex he only has to ask. I sit and talk to him about his interests, I let him slack off on the housework and pick up the pieces afterwards... what the fuck else can I do?????


Fuck I am so... tired. Tired of being in charge of EVERYONES happiness.


I have readers! Yayyy! Thank you all for checking in with me and I *heart* you all :)

So the last week has been interesting. Finally tonight the trailer lights are working (thank you for lending us your husband yet again Robyn!!!) Faulty grounds, wiggly wires... meh. It's fixed and working though and that's all that matters to me! It's also insured, has a new vent hatch, new hitch thingy... it's all good to go.

Phoenix is not a happy camper though. We decided to try him on some cheerio's to see if his wheat allergy had subsided. Yah. It has not. So his poor little inner butt cheeks are all moist rashed and bleeding. I'm changing him AS SOON as he poops (every 1/2 hour or so) and cleaning him well, slathering him with Calendula cream and doing all I can to get him to heal. He's having lots of naked butt time as well. Robyn suggested Grapefruit seed extract but since it's not fungal or yeast I'm not sure if it will help. I might try just to see. Anyone have any tried and true recipes?

The girls had a great day. Talia and Danika the 14 and 10 year olds from next year came over and played hide and seek with them for a couple of hours! It kept them very amused. They are also taking them for a walk tomorrow to the ice cream shop so that should be fun for them :) I am really enjoying having older kids next door. My girls just hero worship them. Then tonight while we worked on the trailer, cleaned the van, spliced lights... they played mommy and baby in and out of the van and had a blast. They both went to bed without any meltdowns by 8pm and all is well with the world!

Jeff is over at Chris's right now. Something to do with little alien space ships? Colour me confused ;)

Well I better make Maddy's lunch and get her things ready for school tomorrow... and I hear Jeff's van :)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Anyone listening?

That should get your attention ;)

Robyn just finished her first year of blogging and since I've been doing it for about three years I thought I'd ask for comments from readers too! Let me know you are here and that you love (or hate!) me!!!

Please :)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Oh to be young and stupid...

and that's all I'll say on that subject.

I'm in the kitchen, making dinner with P on my back. We're grovin to Pat Benitar (Love is a Battlefield... which is really is) and making chicken catchatory (and I know I butchered that but I am far too lazy to go look it up.)

I got two of my new skirts today. I'm in love.

Maddy's play date went well.

I had far more to say but now I'm pissed and fuming for a friend so I'll end now.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Slightly guilty...

feeling that is. My wonderful hubby is currently cleaning the kitchen. But not only is he cleaning the kitchen, he's cleaning the kitchen with my bitchy teething baby on his back so I can surf the net and drink my tea. Now THAT'S a good husband :)

My five year will be the death of me. I swear if she is rude, mean or freaks out at me one more time I will lose my mind. It's like she has completely forgot how to speak nicely, be nice to her sister, share, or have any rational logical thought. Of course I play into it and get in a battle of wills with her when I KNOW the logical thing to do is say "when you are ready to speak to me nicely I will talk to you then"... She's behaving like a two year old right now and since I have a three year old and an almost one year old I'm so not fucking interested. At all. In the slightest. She was just horrible terrible yesterday and today. I'm so done.

Well the tent trailer is up and wired. Course the wiring does not work and we don't know why. Which means we have to bug Mike again and I'm not sure he'll be too impressed about that. We spent all today cleaning, washing dishes and putting stuff back in the trailer. I pretty much have everything utensil/dishes wise that I need. I'm making lists like crazy.

We went to NR Motors today to drool over the new tent trailers. You know... not much has changed in 30 years ;) Different colours... same layout... heavier though! The big tent trailers that have bathrooms and stuff are WAY to heavy for our van to pull. The new tent trailers that are the same size as ours outweigh ours by about 600 lbs as well. We did find a new hatch cover (19.99) trailer light (12.99) longer ball mount (49.99)... that will bring the trailer total (free trailer) up to around $350. lol.

We saw the funkiest camper (Robyn you guys gotta buy it!) for about $25,000. It has two pull outs and a propane fireplace! A huge bedroom in the back (bedroom!!!) big kitchen, tons of floor space. It was the coolest camper evah! We saw tons of 5th wheels (used and new) and some of the 7 year old ones were going for like 12,000. I drooled. I could totally get used to camping like that ;)

Jeff and the baby are downstairs doing laundry now. Loki's around eating his bull penis (yep.. bully sticks are dried bull peni... yuck) and the cats are laying around shedding as cats are wont to do.

Madeline has a play date tomorrow. Emma and Kendra are coming here for a couple hours after school. I'll make them some lemonade and popcorn, send them outside to play and be done with it. I need to fold laundry, clean the bathroom and wash floors tomorrow. I hope I have the energy to do it!

Well off to surf some more. Facebook is sucking my soul so I should go check it out some more ;)

Friday, May 04, 2007


Tonight is going to be super yummy! I'm doing Penne whole wheat pasta with a four cheese sauce and sprinkled with fresh green onions. Baked chicken breast with cumin and pepper, peaches and cream corn. For dessert I'm doing baked apples with brown sugar, butter and cinnamon.

I'm drooling already and I have no even started cooking yet ;)


I'm tired! It's been a very busy couple of days. Last night was Jeff's conference pub night and he was preforming stand up comedy. He rocked down the house hard core! Everyone had a great time and we got to eat yummy appetizers and chat. Afterwards we went out for dinner (because the girls were already at Grandma's) and we got back there at about 8:45ish. We were home by 9:30 and the girls went right to bed.

Jeff did a couple of things around the house and crashed. I was in bed by 12:30ish. Phoenix slept okay (went to bed at 10:15, woke at 1 am, 3:45am, 6am and 9am? somewhere around there) He's already back in bed for a nap.

Today is a school day for Madeline and I'm hoping we'll set up the tent trailer tonight so I can start getting stuff ready for may long weekend! I popped it up a bit and found the crank so we're good to go. Apparently Mike is going to help us wire the van and I want him to look at the furnace for us as well.

I need to tidy the house, do the dishes, sweep, vacuum... laundry. Eat. You know... normal stuff ;)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A picture post!

I've been asking Jeff to take a good picture of me for ages... apparently I clean up well ;) I won't show you the pics BEFORE makeup ;)

Madeline is nursing her pig... olivia her snail?

Evil Phoenix just learned how to crawl. Apparently it will be our undoing ;)

Slinging with Daddy in Fort George Park

I am sooooo cute

Model? Madeline?