Sunday, November 19, 2006

The car seat hath been purchased

We went today and checked out the Radian seat at Canadian tire and looked for the Evenflo Tribute at Wal*mart. Wally does not CARRY the evenflo tribute. That's handy. They did however carry the Evenflo Titan 5 with comfort touch memory foam... ohhhh... ahhhhh.... soft ;)

So the Radian seat is...nice. If you wish to have your child sit basically on metal covered with not very comfy foam padding. It had no head support for a smaller baby, no wings to help protect the head in a crash and I think that sucker weighed like 50 lbs! Yah. No. I don't care if it does go up to 48 lbs.

We went back to wally and got the Titan 5. Highly rated in crash testing (right up there with the Britax seats) no bells and whistles but hey... it's a CAR SEAT not a moving restaurant. It's black and grey so it goes with the interior of our car ;) and we got it mega tightly installed with the latch system in the van. We put Phoenix in it and he SMILED! He hates his car seat so this is big. It's rear facing to 30 lbs and that makes me happy :) Oh and it was only $120! Bonus!

I visited my grandmother today and it was very sad to see how far downhill she has gone :(

We lost power for 6 hours today/tonight. We ended up at my other mothers so the kids could bath and get ready for school tomorrow. She gave me a big bag of hair stuff that will be great for the girls! She also has two super cute fake suede and furry vests for the girls that were given to her. Pink and Purple :) Oh and another really nice winter jacket for Maddy. Hey! I'm not to proud to accept handouts!

Well off to have a bath. All the kids are in bed and it's sooo quiet.


Babs said...

That's the same seat we got for Xan, and we also got it at Wal*Mart. :-D

Samurai Shisho said...

It's nice and cushy huh? I like how tight a fit we can get in the van and Phoenix seems to like it. I like the fact that it was rated best in crash tests by consumer reports.

Samurai Shisho said...

ps... that's me (tammy) posting...

Anonymous said...

You know, I had to laugh, because I love the Radian Sunshine kids carseats. I got the Radian80 and it has the cushy inserts. There are so many carseats, it is dizzying actually! (It's me Patti from your BBB.)