Friday, November 03, 2006

I just don't get it!!!

Why on earth won't my children eat regular, old fashioned, GOOD FOR YOU oatmeal!!! I'm reading Robyn's Nourishing Traditions book and it reccommends soaking your oatmeal overnight with water and yoghurt to release the good things in the grains. So I soaked. I made it up with morning and added cane syrup and rice milk. It was very yummy. It took them ONE WHOLE HOUR to eat it. They are driving me nuts.

I caved and got jeff to go buy a pack of disposable diapers last night. Pampers "caterpillar flex" To move with your baby right? Yah... first diaper he poops right up the back all over my shirt, my pants and the couch. Nice. Sigh. Daddy gave him a bath right after. Funny thing though... Phoenix was pretty fussy all day, two screaming fits after dinner... as soon as we put a disposable on him though he stopped screaming, layed on the floor for AN HOUR talking and chatting, nursed well, had a bath, nursed again and then went to bed at 10 and only woke up twice in 12 hours to nurse. NO SCREAMING AT ALL. Curious.

Well I heard daddy and phoenix chatting in the bedroom so I should go boob the boy (the small boy... not the large boy...)

Oh and I had sex this morning. YAYYY! First time in about a month!

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