Monday, November 06, 2006

Just another day in paradise

Phoenix seems to have recovered from whatever was ailing him. He's back to his happy chipper chubby little self :) Still going to bed at around 10pm. Oh so nice.

Maddy and Olivia had a pretty good day yesterday and today. We had a tea party and that norty lion aslan kept stealing our fridge ;)

We did some shopping this afternoon, went to the library for books and then picked up some take and bake pizza's for dinner. I didn't feel like cooking. Last night I made some organic beef meatballs, homefries with lots of garlic and olive oil and corn. It was very yummy and got rave reviews from the kids and jeff. I like meals like that.

My husband just took two T3's for his irritated balls. TWO FREAKING WEEKS and this infection from his vasectomy is still kicking his ass. He's got an appointment with the specialist on tuesday and maybe he can get some answers. He's still in quite a bit of pain. I just informed him that he had better get his teeth brushed and get ready for bed because once the drugs kick in he won't be moving for a bit. Gotta love codiene. I have hard core dental pain and even with that I only ever take one at a time!!!

We went over to al and rose's for a visit tonight. It was very very nice to just kick back and relax. Rose snuggled the baby, al snuggled the baby, the girls watched a movie and played. No fits, no fights, no struggles... no noise! We are rarely over there without the whole rest of the family so it was nice for the girls to get some one on one attention. Rose is watching the girls on wednesday night along with Jassy and Robyn and I will head to mother goose together.

Well I'm tired. I cleaned out the craft cupboard tonight (that was a huge job) and purged a giant bag full of colouring books and just papers and stuff. Looks nice now.

Oh and Olivia can write her name now :) So cute.

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