Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday friday friday

It's almost 11pm and the baby fiend is in bed. The girls are sleeping. Jeff is painting... it's very very quiet. I like it.

Today was busy but good. We got grocery shopping done, bought the girls new vitamens "Progressive" with no food dyes. You have no idea how hard it is to find vitamens and vit C without food dye! Jeff got gas for the van, paid preschool, mailed Heather's package (finally!!!) It was productive... expensive but productive.

I bought some christmas pressies for the girls. Both are getting a little car seat/carrier for their "babies" Princess of course. Each a pair of "12 dancing princess" ballet shoes. A light up Princess tracing desk for Maddy and a Playdoh activity mat set for Liv. It's a start.

The girls got some new clothes yesterday too :) Olivia 3 pairs of boot cut stretchy/fleece pants and two shirts and Maddy a pair of black boot cut stretchy pants and two new shirts. Olivia is in desperate need of clothes to fit her teeny tiny body. Both girls could do with some ass at least to keep their pants up ;)

Phoenix was pretty fussy today. He's teething I'm pretty sure. Just grouchyish... crampyish sorta.

I got a very nice phone call from Rose offering for the girls to come over to her house tomorrow afternoon so I can go see jeff at his tourney :) And then an invite to dinner! All of a sudden I feel less gloomy :) They love me, they really love me. Lol. I am seriously way to old to feel this insecure about myself.

I downloaded the 90210 10 year reunion show tonight and watched it whilst nursing babe to sleep. It was good :) I really need the first season... oh jefffffff?

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