Monday, November 06, 2006


A post of mine COMPLETELY dissapeared. It was titled "patience" it was here the other day... and now it's gone. WTF? That really pisses me off.

So Jeff went to the er and his specialist today. Apparently he has some strange infection of some soft tissue area of the scrotum. It is getting better but it only happens in 1 out of 300 vasectomys. And it had to happen to him. Nice. So he'll be in pain for a bit longer unfortunately.

I got the kitchen totally cleaned today. That was nice. I really need to clean out the fridge and my junk cupboard. If I have time (and the baby permits) I might get it done tomorrow. Jeff is at work till 9pm tonight to make up his missed time. I'll get the kids into bed around 7:30 and then relax.

Phoenix is sleeping right now (finally) and the girls are watching treehouse. They had a very exciting dinner of PC mini chefs mac and cheese (yes I know it's refined white flour. I have decided not to care that they eat it once every two weeks or so) and red anjou pears (so good!) I made some egg salad and I'll have a sandwich once the bread comes out of the bread machine. Jeff took some soup and fruit for his dinner.

I got homework from Maddy's school today... lol! Jeff and I both have to fill out stars stating why we find our daughter amazing. I'm compiling a list in my head :) I also got her progress report. Almost all "all of the times" and only three "some of the times" No "none of the time" so that is nice to read.

She got invited to her first every birthday party from a school mate. I'm not sure we'll go. It's this weekend when Jeff has his tournament and I'd like to go watch him. Rose was going to babysit the girls for the day for us. Besides it's a girl I don't know, with parent's I don't know, at a roller skating rink that we have to pay for and she does not even know how to skate! We'll catch the next one maybe :)

Oh Ms. Spider is on... that should keep them amused for the next half hour ;) Bedtime is only 1.5 hours away... heaven ;)

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