Sunday, November 12, 2006

what a day...

I'll save all the boring stuff... highlights of the day include:

-jeff's vasectomy incision (yes it's been over three weeks) exploded soaking through his underwear and pants. He's got an absess apparently (yah... no shit) and is now in IV antibiotics. Can this be over yet alfuckingready?

-maddy tripped, fell and smashed her nose on a bed frame at grandma's. Result? Bleeding nose, swollen and purple nose, at least one black eye.

-fight between jeff and I because I am so overwhelmed at the CLUTTER and MESS of this house.

Leading me to...

I joined flylady again. I started tonight but making sure the kitchen was clean and shining my sink. Tomorrow I'll get caught up on my laundry and do some tidying. I'm not going to kill myself. BABY STEPS. Then I'm going to work on getting the kids to sort their laundry as they put it away and I may purge their closets of clothes that they never wear. That will cut down on the clutter. So each night I'll shine my sink, choose my clothes for tomorrow, wipe the bathroom sink and put out my hotspots. I can do that.

It was nice to be at al and roses tonight. I felt welcomed and happy.

I went shopping today and bought Phoenix some clothes. All Carter's brand... all coordinating ;) Two pairs of soft cotton pants in blues and stripes, four long sleeved onesies, two pairs of jammies. Oh. So. Cute.

I'm going to bed now. Jassy was throwing up and having the runs today. I'm praying my kids and us don't get ill.

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