Monday, July 30, 2007

house crap

So most of you know we're buying a new house

and it's getting close to the date that all the subjects get taken off (August 1st).

Our mortgage was approved. CMHC (mortgage insurance guys) approved us on the condition that the house appraisal come to asking price or over. So we've been waiting on pins and needles to see if we could get the appraisal guys over there before the 1st and they can go tomorrow! So tomorrow afternoon (if the numbers are good) we'll be faxed our papers and we take possession on the 9th with a move in date of the 10th!

Our mortgage broker seems to think they'll be no problem with the value of the house and that is reassuring.

So now we wait ... lol. The house we're in right now has had quite a few viewings and of course since my in-laws are giving us money from the sale of it, it's in our best interest for them to get top dollar.

So I'm here. I'm busy packing and stressing...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Okay I lied...

more point form it is.

*still cleaning. Remax lady is coming at 11 tomorrow morning to take pics. Right now we've done... the laundry room except the floors, rec room except the floors, downstairs bath except the floors, upstairs bath except the floors, all the bedrooms, living room, dining room, entrance, kitchen from top to bottom. We're finishing the floors tonight. Doing our bedroom quickly in the morning and doing a top to bottom vacuum in the morning. A good thorough house cleaning takes about 12 hours to do well. Phew.

*went and saw my mom tonight. She had a couple good cries. We talked for hours. I feel very close to her right now. She has not smoked for two days and I am so proud of her. I am so very glad that I didn't move away due to Jeff's work and can be here for her.

*(I'm back... had to nurse Phoenix)

*It's still blowing my ever loving mind that we're getting this house. I mean I guess technically the deal could fall through but I doubt it. The papers are at the lawyers, the contract was faxed to our mortgage guy and there is nothing else to do but wait for the financing to come through. Since we were preapproved it's not a worry.

*August 10th. Holy shit.

*We're still planning on going on vacation if you can believe it! I'm hoping it happens.

*wow I'm tired.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Taking a massive dump...

of my brain that is ;) Point form which I know is annoying but these things need to leave.

*so so so so so fucking worried about my mother's surgery tomorrow at 11:30. I wish I could be there at the hospital with her. I know she wants me to stay home with my babes but the urge to be there and hold her hand is strong.

*Jean and her kids are coming tomorrow to keep me company while I sit and wait. I didn't ask her to come but she offered. I'll take the offer.

*Tomorrow night Rose will take all three kids so jeff and I can go to the hospital to see my mom. This will be the first time I've left Phoenix with anyone but Jeff.

*the real estate agent is coming on friday to take pictures of the house. I'm freaking. I wanted more time to declutter and depersonalize. So tonight Jeff took down all the kids art work, pictures and anything personal. We shit kicked the rec room. I piled a huge amount of stuff to give away in the middle, took two garbage bags of junk out, recycled a giant box of paper... Then jeff did the hutch, I did most of the bookshelf and he did the rest (oh I am SO GOING TO LOVE the built in shelving in the rec room). He's going to bring up all the stuff to give away and all the freecycled stuff that should be picked up tomorrow and we should be good to go.

*tomorrow night is floor cleaning, laundry room cleaning, kitchen scrubbing, room tidying... I am so going to HATE keeping this house clean for the next three weeks while trying to pack. I wonder if I pack everything RIGHT NOW and just let them have clothes and tell them to play outside for the next month that I would be considered a bad mom? ;)

*I'm tired tired tired. In the midst of legal calls, calls to the buyer, calls to jeff, calls from Rose... I had four little girls PLUS my best friend Robyn and her two kids come over to play. It was busy but good.

*Oh and we're buying the sellers couch and love seat and her bedroom set (with double bed, headboard, side table, mirror and dresser) apparently... even though I don't really think it's all that cool for a six year old. Hmmm...

le sigh.

I think I'm done.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

because I don't have enough stress in my life...

We are putting an offer on a house. TOMORROW. I'm freaking out. Mostly freaking out because this is not our money (jeff's parent's are giving us $20,000 for a down payment) so we have to wait for money transfers for the deposit, house inspection, lawyer...

Also freaking out because we are the first to look at this house and she also had three people lined up for tomorrow night. We need to get her this money asap!!!!

This is the house

It's a dream. Seriously. Fuck I don't have enough drama in my life I have to choose this time to buy a house!

So we phoned her tonight, offered her a $1000 deposit and we go tomorrow afternoon at 1pm to sign papers!!!! OMG!


Monday, July 16, 2007

My mom (Debbie) and dad (Kem) this past Yule time.

She has her surgery on Thursday to remove her breast, a chunk of her liver and her lymph nodes. She's in stage IV breast cancer. Please send all the healing thoughts you can manage.

Monday, July 09, 2007

swingsets amoung other things...

My parents bought my kids a metal swingset this weekend. It has two slides, a trapeze bar, glider and a slide. They LOVE it. Both mornings now as soon as I get up I am confronted by Madeline.

"Mommy... I'm dressed, I ate breakfast and I cleaned up the living room. Can I go outside?"

That was at about 9:30. It's 12:45. They've been in to pee, request a picnic lunch for themselves and Danica (the next door 10 year old), pick up the lunch and then ask if they could go for a walk.

I was dreaded summer because? I never freaking SEE my kids! lol! And before anyone gets all up in arms... my back yard is completely fenced. I keep all my windows and doors open. They are not allowed to go anywhere else without asking me. The neighbors on BOTH sides are always out and would instantly alert me to anyone weird if I didn't see them. We're all good ;) We live in a nice neighborhood and the only reason they are allowed out for a walk right now is because they are with Danica.

Phoenix is down for a nap. He's uber bitchy today. Olivia has a doctor's appointment to check out her hip at 1:45. I think I'll just get Jeff to take her and that way Phoenix can nap for as long as he wishes. Madeline is going over to Emma's later today (sometime after 2:30) so I think Liv and I will do some puzzles, workbooks and maybe let her play on the computer.

I'm not so patiently waiting for my mother to get a call from her doctor. She had her liver and lung x-rays on friday and we're waiting for the results. They need those back before her mastectomy. If she does have cancer in both that puts her at stage IV breast cancer. The 5 year survival rate for that is 20%. :(

The waiting and not knowing is the hardest.

We went for a hot dog roast and bonfire at their place last night. Gail, Tom, Sue, Bob, Debbie and Grandma M were all there. We had a great time. It was nice to just talk and laugh.

We're heading out tonight for some house viewings. Cross fingers we find something we want!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

my mom's biopsies came back...

and it's not good news. She has a very aggressive form of breast cancer. Tomorrow she goes for x-rays on her lungs and liver. They'll do surgery to take off her right breast within the week. At that time they'll also biopsy her lymph nodes. After her surgery she'll begin chemotherapy.

I'm freaking out. Big time. I don't know what to do or say. I just want to hide in my bed and cry for a week :(

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree...

Yah it's that time of year again. The time when I start making lists and preparing to buy/make yule pressies so I DON'T HAVE TO DO IT in november/december. Wish me luck.

I have a budget of $20 each for the nieces/nephews I really like; $10 per kid for the ones I have to buy for and $10 for the one kid of a friend we buy for. $20-25 for each of our parent's and small homemade gifts and pictures for our grandparents. Then we're doing baking and pictures for our friends and siblings.

So because I'll lose my list... I'll post it here.

Jasmyn- Melissa and Doug pirate chest ($7) Fairy workbook ($12)
Grayson- Melissa and Doug wooden Pizza set ($20)
Kylee- Books (maybe Nancy Drew) and some hair stuff ($20)
Alex- wooden name letters, wooden dinosaur, paint and brush ($10)
Brandon and Travis- $10 Blockbuster gift card, popcorn and chocolate bars ($15)
Ella- Melissa and Doug wooden animal puzzle train ($20)

My mom- Heart Grandmother birthstone necklace from Doodles Jewell's ($25)
My dad- funny t shirt and music ($25)
Larry- either a wine magazine subscription or wine related supplies ($25)
Diane- Heart Grandmother birthstone necklace from Doodles Jewell's ($25)
Rose- book on either massage or reflexology ($25)
Al- funny t shirt and $10 worth of Timmies GC's ($25)
Grandma M- $20 GC for nails
Grandma C and K- pictures and ornament ($5)

For the kids this year we are starting a "something you need, something to read and something you want." Plus a couple presents from Santa. So for the something you need, both girls are getting tiny 1cm pentagram pendants. Something to read, Maddy will get the Little House on the Prairie box set and Olivia will get the Narnia box set. Something they want and the santa things will wait till closer. Phoenix is going to get some wood toys... maybe some wood food and a wood fishing puzzle. Stuff like that. I think maybe a baby Waldorf doll for "something he wants." lol!

Jeff is still busy geeking out with his models tonight. Going on over 3 hours now! Go Jeff! My ass is numb from all this surfing but I've sent out emails for custom stuff and searched ebay till my eyes bled...