Monday, November 27, 2006


It's been a day.

I had Jassy and Gray for a couple of hours this morning. It went mostly ok. Jassy LOST IT because I asked her if Gray could have peanut butter and honey for lunch (I forgot to ask Robyn what they ate and so had to improvise as I thought they would be back just after 12pm) So she chucked a wobbley. I put her in a time out, then a time out in Olivia's room and then explained priorities... to a three year old... am I insane? I gently tried to tell her that screaming for 20 minutes because I asked her a question probably was not a very good use of her (and mine) time. Especially when having to make lunch, cart around my baby and supervise both hurricane Gray and Olivia. LOL!

This... would be the reason I stopped at three kids. Because four is just insane. I'm just very very thankful that Madeline was in school. She would have been a big help but even one more body might have driven me over the edge.

They stayed to visit until just after four. Then my kids went for quiet times in their rooms so mommy could decompress for a few. Phoenix finally fell asleep while nursing but just as he was starting his slow breathing I had to make pasta. So once again had to put sleeping baby down (for about the fifth nap try of the day) and once again said baby wakes up crying.

He finally went to sleep at around 9:15 and has woken three times in two hours. This could be a very very very long evening.

Kathy is coming over to visit tomorrow and bringing me lunch! I invited Robyn and Gray as well to come visit after they drop off Jassy for pre-K. Not sure if they are coming or not. Jeff phoned to ask her (I was nursing babe) and Mike answered. Kinda got the brush off. So we'll see.

I need to relax for a bit, maybe try to have a bath... and go to bed.


Robyn said...

i'm sorry they stressed you out so much. :( i'll schedule our next appt for evening so rose can watch them.

Frogmorest said...

Oh no no no! Don't you worry about it! My kids stressed me out more than your kids did. After the fits we were fine... just busy you know? I totally did not mind having them here for the afternoon and I'll do it again ANYTIME you need/want me to. I was just destressing/venting ya know? Besides if it was so horrible I wouldn't invite you back the next day ;)