Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Years!

Well calendar new year at least ;) Being wiccan we celebrated the new year beginning November 1st.

Well we did absofreakinnothin tonight to bring the new year in. Everyone we knew was already doing something or were having people over and we were not invited. Way to feel loved ;) I had planned on staying home with our kidlets and just chilling but it was a little depressing not to even have an option you know? Nothing to do and no one to watch the kids if there WAS something to do! We didn't even think ahead to make some yummy food or get some booze... maybe Phoenix would have gone to sleep earlier had I some alcohol in my system ;)

But all in all it was a nice, semi-peaceful evening. We watched a movie with the kids and ate some popcorn. The girls were in bed before 9 and then we hung out, watched Friends, Jeff did some web work and played with his MP3 player. I got to have a nice bath while Jeff looked after Phoenix and we rang in the new year talking to some friends on the phone (the only ones that actually phoned to wish us a happy new year!!!)

Well Phoenix is in bed (as of about 1:45am) and hopefully he'll sleep better than the last two nights. I'm running on single digits of sleep (like maybe 5 total for both nights?) and I could use a break. Where is the kind grandmother than has nothing better to do than come rock my baby so I can sleep? Oh right... she's in sechelt... lol! She's coming to visit this month... thank goodness for retired MIL's ;) I'm beginning to get a little batty from sleep deprivation. I can totally see why they use it for torture.

First new years day that we have not been invited anywhere for dinner either. Dammit... does that mean I have to cook? ;)

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