Monday, January 01, 2007

Hoping for a peaceful night?

I won't hope too hard though...

Phoenix went to bed at 1:45am last night. We went to bed at 3:15am... Phoenix woke up at 3:25am and SCREAMED for about an hour. Screamed to the point where I seriously considered taking him to the er... I could hear his tummy gurgling and he was cramping :( He is NOT READY FOR FUCKING SOLIDS. He just is not. No solids of any sort of form for at least the next month. Poor baby... having a cold, teething and then having a reaction to food. For the first time in his life he had some allopathic medication... I didn't even have any infant motrin in the house so he got a 2/5's of a dose meant for a 24 pound child (he's 20 lbs) and it eventually soothed him a bit. He woke up after about an hour SCREAMING again for another 1/2 hour, refused to nurse and then slept straight until 11am. He nursed at 3:25 am and then not again till 11am. My boobs... were ready to explode.

After he nursed both breasts I got up and pumped and got another 4 oz off. I went back to bed until he woke up at 1:30pm! Jeff snoozed on the couch and the girls watched some movies and hung out. He's been refusing the breast less today than the past three weeks so that is making me feel a bit better about things. I've been so tired, so stressed, SO NEEDING A BREAK that it's been very overwhelming. I know I need to ask for help but I am so bad at it. I feel at times that I am fighting a losing battle and I just want to curl up and sleep for about a week. I wish... but if all my wishes were fishes I could fill a whole ocean with my words. It's no use wishing when the fairy godmother never comes.

Today was a good day as far as days go. We went to my real mothers place and ended up staying for Chinese take-out... ohsofuckinggood. So I didn't have to cook after all ;) She sent home a big pot of Chilli, turkey soup, lettuce, green peppers, pepperoni and a huge box full of bulk spices. Taco seasoning (which we use a ton of) oregano, celery salt, bay leaves, montreal steak spice, curry and seasoning salt. Muchly appreciated! Madeline is spending the night there and apparently she is having a great time. She just called to say goodnight :) So cute! She's had some junk food and now it's time for bed.

Rose bought me some patterns for the spring ballet festival... I should see how much she spent so I can pay her back! The one pattern will be perfect I think but I'll pass it by Madeline's ballet teacher on wednesday. She has rehersal from 12:15 to 1pm. Olivia is back at pre-school on thursday... sweet.

Here's hoping for a quiet night. Phoenix has done minimal screaming this afternoon and evening so I'm praying to the goddess above that he sleeps... for just a bit.

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