Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A vintage picture post :)

The boy is not old enough to be vintage... so here's one from a rare smiley moment the other day :)
Little Miss Madeline when she was about 7? 8? months old :)
Madeline doing the required naked baby on sheepskin pose ;) About 7 months old.
Olivia... looking fat and contemplative. 6ish months.
Sisters... lookin cute! Maddy is about 2.5 and Olivia is around a year.
Maddy and I at the park... she's about 8 months old.
Olivia... looking fabulous in her shoes. 1.5 years.
Olivia... around the same age. I love this picture :)
My Madeline beauty :) Around 3.5.
Olivia in the bath. Our kewpie doll. 1.5 years.
Madeline being Madeline ;) 3.5.
Olivia at around 1.5 years. Being her normal cute self.
All Hallow's eve. Maddy was three and Olivia was 1 1/3.

Just cause :)

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