Saturday, December 30, 2006

Just another day in paradise...

If by day you mean week... and by paradise you mean hell...


Mr. baby Fiend refused to sleep last night. Daddy fiend and I wished to have hot sex in front of our roaring (gas) fireplace. The scene was set, the blankets were down, the pillows were... plumped and then the baby called. So off I was at midnight to boob him yet once again. After what seemed like 4 hours (but was really 45 minutes) of boob'ing, shushing, cuddling, pleading and finally BEGGING he finally conked out.

The sex happened. The sex was fucking fantastic. The sex ended and I went to bed.

And fell asleep... for about 5 minutes. Until about 10am this morning when I finally got another 1.5 hours of sleep. Mr. fiend was up ALLLLL NIGHT! He could not settle, he would not nurse, then he'd nurse for an hour, then he'd cry, then he'd giggle... he was hysterical! One look at his cheeks this morning told the story... bright red streaks. He is FINALLY getting a tooth. He's been threatening to get said tooth for about 3 months. But there is a whitish dot on bottom gums and I believe that the tooth is coming.

Hylands teething tablets do nothing for this boy. And even though there is almost the exact same ingredients in the Boiron liquid teething remedy, IT seems to work. As in conk said boy out. It's nice. Very nice.

So boy has been sleeping on and off for around 3 hours now. Waking to nurse briefly (15 minutes or so) and then back off to homeopathic drug land ;)

In other news... well there is no real other news. Not doing anything for New Years this year apparently (oh wait jeff just walked in and we might be getting together with Chris and Nansi) but nothing too exciting anyways. Even if we did want to do something I think Rose is already busy babysitting her grandkids. Apparently Robyn and the kids are back in town as of yesterday? I dunno. Have not heard anything from them as of yet.

I think we'll head out to my real mother's house on new years day. She has a pot of chilli and some Turkey soup for us to take home. I will not turn down good homecooked food that I only have to heat up ;)

Today was a throw together supper. I whipped up a batch of garlic hummus, guacamole, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh sourdough bread and tortilla chips. The kids loved it. It was yummy. Phoenix actually ate some solid food! He had about a half tablespoon of organic oatmeal and a half tablespoon of organic applesauce. He's finally figured out the move food to the back of your throat and swallow thing ;)

I think we'll take the girls either swimming or to the museum tomorrow. Burn off some energy. They've been having a ton of fun with new playdoh, markers, painting sun catchers, doing their scaperfoil art... pretending to be ponies and nursing off their big ponies ;) They're a little nutso but wonderful girls. They picked out some new books at the library today and Maddy found a ballet one. If there is a ballet book within 2 miles it's hers.

Well I should probably pay some attention to jeff... even though he got to go out and visit and I didn't. Sigh... tis my lot in life I suppose. ;)

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