Tuesday, January 09, 2007


First of all... if you have not read the new Hathor comic go here: http://www.thecowgoddess.com/?p=521

absolutely true. She always manages to put into words exactly what I think!

Olivia had preschool today. While she was there, Phoenix had a piddly 45 minute nap but in that time Madeline and I made tuna salad and egg salad. She had a great time! She chopped up all the eggs, added the mayo and the spices, stirred it all up. She had to tell everyone that SHE made the dinner ;) Olivia had a good time and came home with a stop sign that she had made. All night every time we said something she didn't want to hear, or did something she didn't like she'd pop her sign in the air "STOP!" it was hilarious!

Well I'm obviously not pregnant (thank the Goddess above) as I ovulated today. Funny cause Robyn ovulated yesterday so my cycle must have pushed it back in order to be at the same time ;) Or my body is just whacked. I've always ovulated at a similar time as women I'm close to though so who knows!

Jeff just got in from shoveling three inches of snow. He's cold. (okay I'm back... baby woke up, went it to boob him but he REALLY woke up... that kind of awake where they tell you that they just had a great nap and they are ready to party and NOTHING you can do will convince them to go back to sleep... well at least he's in a good mood).

Better depart, Jeff's got a bunch of web work to do and I'll hang with the fiend. Even though I'd really rather be sleeping... sigh...

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