Monday, January 08, 2007

I need to go to bed

and yet here I sit... ;)

We did some running around yesterday and hit Ave Maria. An easy $50 every single time I enter that store. I bought kids probiotics, baby soap, kids toothpaste (orange from Green Beaver... it's... interesting) organic milk and butter and Jeff some new crystal rock deoderant.

Today we slept till 9 when Phoenix simply would not settle. I nursed him in the living room, handed him to jeff and went back to dreamland for another 1.5 hours. Nice! We went to a birthday party (son of a friend) today and the girls had a blast. Of course people get me started on the food dye issues and before you know it we're talking organic meat, coconut oil, cloth diapers, baby wearing and all of a sudden I'm the resident freak! Thank fuck no one brought up vaccinations or co-sleeping... I might have been stared right out of there! Oh well there's one in every crowd... might as well be me ;)

I've been told that I need to get Phoenix out of my bed. He needs his own room. He needs his own crib. Did that someone miss the memo where I proclaimed that all children I have will sleep with me, in my bed, until they no longer have a need to anymore? Obviously they did. I LOVE co-sleeping. I REFUSE to get out of bed to deal with a baby in the middle of the night. Deal with it! Not your bed, not your baby, NOT YOUR PROBLEM.


Okay I'm really off to bed now. I just have to search quickly online for a good decent priced bread machine. I thought it might have been the flour but obviously one of the heating elements went because my bread was about 5 inches tall and raw. Yummy!

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