Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sleep is highly overrated...

I know all my posts these days are about sleep... or lack thereof. Eh... you go with what you know right? And currently all I know is I'm NOT GETTING ANY FUCKING SLEEP.

I can deal with a baby nursing all night. Wake up, nurse, go to sleep. I can do that. I did that with Olivia until she was two. I have no issues AT ALL nursing a baby each and every single time that the need it. I however DO have issues with babies that wake up, refuse to nurse, scream, then fall asleep and wake up 15 minutes later. And do this for 4 hours straight.

I finally got up with Phoenix at 5:30am because I was seriously thinking of chucking him out the window. We watched an hour of Friends and now we're watching some stupid show on "surviving motherhood." Another "wean your baby" "you don't need to feel guilty for not breastfeeding" "solids at 2 months are great!" show. Yah... advice I don't need right now thankssofuckingmuch.

So I've slept for about 1/2 hour. I know it's his teeth and his cold. He can't really breathe laying down. However I have a hard time sleeping sitting up. I'm praying this passes quickly.

So I figure I'll sleep when I'm dead. Or when he moves to his own room. Or when... oh who knows. You can't put a timeline on this kind of torture ;)

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