Saturday, January 20, 2007

Still sick

We'll Liv is still sick. She stayed in her pj's the whole day and was only awake for about three hours of it. Jeff gave her a lukewarm bath (not enough to bring down her temp but even to make her feel a bit better) and washed her hair. She ate half a bar of good dark chocolate, four sippy's of water and a piece of plain toast. Go liv. I took her temp a few times and it never came below 102.5. I don't know why I check. I have this need to know the number. It's pretty irrational but hey... I can be an irrational person at times! I called Robyn in a panic when Olivia was getting close to 104 but she talked me down off the roof ;)

Maddy seems fine and if she still is fine in the morning I'll send her to ballet. Olivia is not going.

I spent $105 at the fabric store today. Thank the goddess I get it reinbursed by the dance studio. The ribbons are all cut out. Jeff is tracing patterns as we speak and I only have to cut the material for the girls dresses. If just ONE MOM bitches at me I might have to slap her. Then YOU do the fucking work next time! Grrrr! And not one of them offered to help. Nice.

I went to Ave Maria last night and picked some stuff up for Liv's flu... in the anticipation that the rest of us will get the flu as well. Got ground beef, whole organic milk, two jars of organic jam, honey, fenugreek. I put in an order for three Kleen Kanteens. Oh and I picked up coconut oil too. But they were out of the big jars again! Grrrrr!

Okay I should go cut out material. I need some sleep!!!

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Robyn said...

Dang...I need coconut oil and I hate buying the little jars.