Saturday, January 06, 2007

and peace was had once more...

the girls are in bed. Oh thank the Goddess. They've been treating one another like they are their own personal punching bags. They are not fighting in ernest, but playfighting like crazy. First they are lions and "pinning" one another, then they are ponies and kicking one another, then they are sisters and wrestling. Girls... noise and dirt. I honestly think they really are boys just cleverly disguised as female.

Phoenix is majorly teething and pretty grouchy. He just woke up from a two hour nap and he's still grouchy ;) Come to think of it though sometimes I'm grouchy after I nap too. Oh he's sitting now!!! That's exciting :)

While Phoenix was sleeping we had a yummy dinner of Caesar salad, Olive chibatta bread and cheeses (double creamed brie and havarti) and then continued cleaning the girls rooms. We bought Maddy four big rubbermaid storage bins for under her bunk bed. She then made labels for them (barbies, dolls/bears, Loving Family, Dress up) and put them on. I cleaned her room out of all excess toys and put them back downstairs. We then did the same to Olivia's. Their rooms are all sparkly now.

Yesterday we got a call from Rose asking us to come and visit at night... when I told her we had to grocery shop she told us to bring over the girls so we could shop alone! Rock on! So we got two hours to ourselves (and phoenix of course) and then went over and watched a movie. We got home around 11:30 or so. It was a wonderful quiet night with visiting and just hanging out.

Well the fiend is still acting hungry so I'll go boob him ;)

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