Tuesday, January 02, 2007

And he sleeps...

He's been sleeping for 2.5 hours now. In bed. Without me.

I'd love to be sleeping but with two other kids to look after and feed and amuse... I'm not. But I did get my kitchen cleaned, eggs hard boiled and dinner thawed. Small miracles.

It's Phoenix's 7 month birthday today!!! 7 months... 7 months of kisses and cuddles, smiles and laughter, giggles and milk sighs... in 7 months he's almost tripled his birthweight and has thigh rolls like a michelin man. In 7 months he's stolen my heart and refused to give it back.

He hates sleep, he screams a lot, he likes to whine... but he's my baby boy and I wouldn't trade him for the world (maybe 8 hours of straight sleep... but not the world.)

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Robyn said...

happy 7 months birthday, Baby Fiend!