Sunday, January 14, 2007


It's been a day. One of those days where you seriously question the wisdom of having that third child that you wanted so much. Don't get me wrong... I love Phoenix with all my heart and soul but my girls are getting on my everloving last freaking nerve. It's the NUMBER of children and needs and wants that wears me down.

You know ... it takes a village to raise a child. In this society that we live in we are so separated from those that could give us help with the child rearing. Hold babies while they cry, make our kids a meal, fold some laundry. I'm jealous (yes jealous) of people (mostly my best friend) who have their mother in laws around to invite them for dinner, watch their kids... who WANT THEM THERE. I always feel like an intruder. I feel like when I pull into their driveway and someone else is there that I should just keep on driving :( We descend with our horde and the noise level increases five fold. I feel like I need to keep my kids quiet and well behaved so people will invite us back... but we rarely rarely get invited anywhere. And I'm tired of inviting myself :(

Apparently I'm having a pity party tonight. Oh well. It's my blog and I'll cry if I want to.

I'm making ham stock tonight so I can make refried black beans tomorrow for dinner. It smells delicious. I've done my menu's for the next two weeks as well. My MIL is coming for a week at the end of the month and I am SO looking forward to it. I can't wait to have some company and help!!! I sound so pathetic don't I :(

I'll end here. Anything else I say will just come out totally wrong.


Robyn said...

Tammy, this is the first time that Rose has invited me for dinner in ages, and did so because Mike is out of town. Please don't think we're over there all the time and you're not invited, because it isn't that way. in fact, we're hardly ever there these days, because like you, i wait for an invite from rose and rarely get one. You guys were over there to watch movies one night last week, and we weren't invited. Really, don't feel like you're not wanted because you are. I know you're having a bad day, and if you're ever having a bad day and you want someone to hold your baby for awhile, CALL ME! you know i'll do it in a second. if you want someone to watch your girls for a couple of hours when things are getting hard, CALL ME! i would have no problem doing that, they can all run around and trash the playroom, i'm totally cool with that. you're my best friend, and anything i can do to help you out, i want to do. remember that i'm always here for you (and rose is too, you know that,) you just need to let me know WHEN you need me. kay?

Babs said...

You're invited to our house any time you want. :) I know that's like... a long way to drive just for a visit. But whenever you're around, we have a spare bedroom and we love company, especially children company. We're just so happy to have a real house that we want people over all the time. Even if you dropped off all your kids and ran screaming down the street to sit alone in a coffee house for two hours, I'd still be happy with it! :-D