Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My 200th post!

Hurray! Apparently I have a lot to say ;)

Maddy discovered the computer today. Yes she's five. I've done my best to keep her away from it so far. But Olivia was at preschool and Phoenix was sleeping and I had already drawn and cut out horses, coloured in her princess book, cleaned the kitchen with her and read four books. I refused to turn on the boob tube so we checked out Nick Jr. instead. She played games for about an hour! She's got a bit to learn on mouse control but she has the concept down pat. I highly reccomend the "Wonderpets" game. So cute! Useless... but cute!

Olivia had a good day at preschool. She brought home a food bag? It's a brown paper bag, with pictures of food stuck on it. She had put organic lettuce, sausage rolls, a hot wing platter (?) and various stuff on it. I'm not sure what we're supposed to do with it... but it's cute!

Phoenix's rash is doing much better. We took him to our doctor yesterday (first time in 4.5 months! We don't do well babe visits apparently...) and he figures it was a systemic reaction caused by gluten. We had tried him on a bit of organic oatmeal and he screamed for 48 hours and has had this rash for three weeks. He said it could take a few more weeks to work itself out of his system. So no grains till at least a year (no biggie... babes can't digest grains until at least then anyways) and keep him off any foods for another month or so. We'll probably try again somewhere around 8.5 to 9 months. He's over 20 lbs on just boob so he'll be fine.

I'm beginning to think that with my very tall boy I should have sprung for the extra tall bodied Baby Hawk Mai Tai. When he falls asleep on my back his head lolls... even with the head rest. He often falls asleep on my back. Easiest way to get a baby to nap; bore them to death.

Dinner was very good tonight. Dinner was also very good last night for the record. Yesterday I did an organic roast chicken in the crockpot and after dinner put the bones and meat on for stock. It made the BEST STOCK EVAH! I then did a chicken noodle soup in the crockpot tonight with a loaf of fresh bread.

Watched the first episode of American Idol tonight. Wow. Some people are so incredibly fucking UNtalented it's not even funny. Nuff said.

I should head to bed. Jeff and I got in a very long philsophical discussion tonight about wicca and paganism. Either we're very elitist, very picky or assholes. Okay... probably most of the above. I just don't understand why every new member of our pagan board for the last couple months is either A. A complete flake or B. A complete asswipe. (No I'm totally not talking about you Kat ;) ) Could we just get some nice normal eco-friendly pagans please? PLEASE?


off to boob babe ... and by babe I mean the small one. Not the large one ;)

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Babs said...

I DON'T UNDERSTAND when pagans/wiccan aren't earth-friendly. That doesn't even make sense!