Thursday, January 04, 2007

And just when you think you're losing your mind...

Your baby sleeps, your husband takes two days off work to help you, you see your best friend and the world is a better place.

I feel about a zillion times better than two days ago. Phoenix has stopped screaming, is nursing much better, is sleeping... I'm happy. He's still waking up 3 times a night to nurse but he's going back to sleep right after or talking quietly to himself and then passing out. I feel rested. I feel rejuvinated.

Jeff took two emergency vacation days because I think he knew how close to snapping I was... I think he's the ONLY one that knew how close to snapping I was. Sleep deprivation does very mean things to a mama...

We went to the museum with Robyn and the kids yesterday. I needed that. To get out with other mom's and chat about life and kids. I made a new friend or two, the kids got to run off some energy and I got to show off my new Babyhawk of course ;)

I ended up making a fantastic pasta dish in about 1/2 hour last night. Chicken, organic tomatoes, red onions, tons of sliced garlic... all sauted in coconut oil and then toss with raw EVOO and pasta once it was done. Heaven.

I went to the dentist this morning where they finished one of my root canals. It didn't hurt. It did take a LONG FUCKING TIME! 1.5 hours with my mouth wide open. But now it's all smooth and pretty. They used composite fillings (no mercury offgassing thanks so much!) and it looks good. Unfortunately the freezing is wearing off and ohmyfuckinggodithurts! I've taken some more ibuprophen... I hate to take pain killers but ouch!!!

Well liv is at preschool for another hour. I'm having a nap.

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