Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's a better day...

or it will be if I hear from Robyn... you out there my friend?

I made yummy yummy ham stock. I used yummy yummy ham stock to make black beans in the crock pot. It took soaking them over night, THEN cooking them on HIGH for 8 hours to get them soft enough to mash. I refried them, added some taco seasoning and Jeff has lunch for the next week. He LOVES refried beans but the sodium content in the canned ones is insane.

I was hoping to have them for dinner tonight but they were not finished till after the girls were in bed. So I made my (robyn's) chicken pasta but instead of brocolli in it put halved baby organic tomato's. Soooo good. Served up with flax pasta. Yummo.

I took out my frusterations and bad mood on my house today.

I cleaned out the hall closet and that yielded THREE garbage bags full of stuff. All the top sheets (we don't use them) tableclothes we don't use, excess towels and pillow cases, a ton of gift bags, blankets... then I cleaned out all the kitchen cupboards and took four boxes full of stuff out. I gave away ANYTHING excess that I have not used in the last two months. The only things I kept that I don't normally use was my coffee maker and a veggie tray. That's it.

Jeff did the storage room, rec room, laundry/cat room, all the hallways down stairs. He took all the stuff to give away and donated it, did all the recycling and cleaned his heart out. Phoenix took a three hour nap and that helped quite a bit.

The girls were helpful, cheerful... a real joy to be around.

Well jeff's getting off the phone and we are just starting "Brothers Grimm." Hopefully it's a decent movie.


Katje said...

Is Brothers Grimm a good movie? I've been wanting to rent it to watch with David.

PS. It's Katrina from NBCP, I can't remember if you know this log in or not.

Frogmorest said...

Yah... we got five minutes in and then Jeff got a phone call. We didn't turn it back on. I'll let ya know if we actually manage to finish it ;)