Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm irritated

My kids are driving me crazy. Phoenix decided that 5am was a good time to be up... until 7am when I asked jeff if he thought Phoenix would shut up if he knew how perilously close to being chucked out the window he was.

I had 4 of Madeline's school mates and their moms over for a playdate today. It went... okay. Maddy was a bit whiney and would rather have sat and ate muffins, popcorn and raisens than play with her friends. That was a tad annoying. And then she'd whine that they didn't want to play with her. That was really annoying.

The reason I am so irritated is because of non napping Phoenix. He slept for about 40 minutes (less?) before Maddy and her friends woke him up. He was really tired around 4:45 so I went to nurse him down for a nap. Of course that is when the girls CRANK the tv and start jumping up and down and YELLING at one another. I damn near lost it. I stormed into the living room and told them both to get into their rooms. Of course by then Phoenix is wide awake and is still not sleeping...

Loki is still doing well. He's had some accidents but he IS a puppy after all. He's a bit nippier with the girls currently but if they'd LISTEN to me and STOP RUNNING IN THE HOUSE Loki wouldn't feel the need to herd them!

Well dinner is ready so I should sign off. Oven roasted organic whole chicken and roasted califlower and brocolli. Yummo!

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