Monday, March 12, 2007


He's getting at least one tooth (top left) and probably more. He screamed again for six hours last night. He has a wicked cold and his tummy is still pushing through the last of the solid foods.

Why oh why did I get the emo kid to end all emo kids? He's sensertive... so very sensertive (and yes I know I spelled that wrong.) He's annoying the ever living heck out of me. I love my baby but I SO CAN'T WAIT until he's not a BABY anymore!!!!

My sil is not helping matters any. Her exlusively breastfed baby who is just four months old is sleeping in 12 hour stretches in her OWN BED in her OWN ROOM. I am sofuckingjealous.

Grrrr... I may just have to eat him while his bones are still soft.

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