Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I wear the fiend on my back for a portion of every day. It's the only way I can get my housework done. I can vacuum, wash dishes, sweep, clean bathrooms (except the tub) and organize. He's happy. I'm happy that he's happy and all is well in the world.

I've been wearing him on my back with the shoulder straps crossed over my breasts. It would get uncomfy after an hour or so and he would have a tendancy to slip down on to my tailbone (not comfy.) But last night when perusing a friend (Babs) live journal I saw a link to wearing instructions... and a how to for a Tibetan carry I love it! It's a back carry but then when you bring the straps around to the front you pass then under the shoulder straps and tie them on top of your chest... this works awsome for me because in just a simple rucksack carry the straps fall off my shoulders (hence having to cross them in front.)

So armed with this new knowledge I tossed Phoenix on my back, did the Tibetan tie and off we went. He didn't slip, my tailbone is intact and he was up there for over an hour (typical) but my back is not sore at all! And lugging a 22 lb infant around for an hour on your back is a great workout (right Babs? lol!)

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Heather said...

Totally. I think once Xan started enjoying babywearing a little bit more is when I actually started noticing my tummy coming back. Woot!