Saturday, March 03, 2007

Black eyes, goose eggs and broken noses...

Get that girl a helmet!

Maddy's doing better... after a week and a half her black eyes are starting to fade. Her goose bump is now brown and still very bumpish. Her nose is reduced in swelling and she's mostly out of pain. My poor baby :(

I wrote an email to Rose tonight letting her know that I don't blame Travis in this. That I know it was an accident but that we should also keep in mind it's not a "he said she said" thing. That a lunch monitor saw the whole thing and that we shouldn't keep trivializing Travis's role in this by telling madeline that she "slipped" or "tripped." Rose said tonight that she's "not taking sides" but there is really no sides to take! It's pretty black and white honestly. He hurt her by accident. Done deal. I understand that she's protective of him and going to choose his "side" because he's her grandchild but have a little compassion for a poor wee girl with a ginormous injury!

Loki's on the floor chewing up his brown bear. I just caught him eating my carpet... nice.

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