Tuesday, March 27, 2007


The sun is shining, Olivia's at preschool, Maddy's watching tv and Phoenix is sleeping. The puppy is chewing a bone and the cats are snoozing. Almost all caught up on laundry and my kitchen is clean. Maddy is mostly over her red food dye induced insanity and while Phoenix did wake every two hours to nurse last night, he was in bed from 12 midnight to almost 11am and didn't spend any time screaming.

So it's a good day. I'm heading over to superstore tonight to pick up some of that 5 hpt stuff that Robyn got for depression. I need it to help keep me on an even keel. I actually got my period today so that explains some of my mood for the past week... I need to find a way to take some more time for myself. Whether it's a nightly walk, shopping with friends or just reading in my room for a portion of every night with no kids around.

I started with "the sun is shining" and I'll end with ...


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Samurai Shisho said...

Good morning! The sun is shining! The tank is clean ... THE TANK IS CLEAN!!!

Glad to read your textual sunshine!