Sunday, March 04, 2007


Blerg. I am stuffed. I think Jeff might be in the bathroom purging as we speak ;) I made a schwackload of french toast for dinner and man was it good! We had some leftover so Maddy's taking french toast sticks in her lunch... that and grapefruit.

Yes grapefruit. I've never liked it. I've always wanted to like it because the smell is intoxicating to me. It's a smell I'd love to eat... except I have always hated grapefruit. However superstore's special this payday was spend $175 and get a 14 lb box of Ruby Red grapefruit. Jeff convinced me to try a slice... oh my god. Manna from heaven! I love this stuff!!!! Maddy and Olivia both wanted to try and now Madeline is in love... Olivia thought it was good but sour. She still ate it though. Jeff juiced up a bunch and we all had some of that as well.

We slept in a bit, did some housework, lazed around and then went to the kids museum. We had a blast. I sent Jeff off by himself for some guy time (to great white) and the kids and I hung out. Phoenix had a great time with the wire bead toys and the rain sticks. He nursed through the Dinosaur movie and got to pet a snake. The girls were enthralled with the snakes! We played some tic tac toe, checked out all the animals and as usual made new friends. I love going there.

I think Rose and I have cleared the air over the bruised Madeline. Finally ;)

My mother is leaving to go back to work tomorrow. She's been home for over a week and we have not seen her. She's coming for lunch. I think I'll make Egg Salad.

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