Saturday, March 24, 2007


I was thinking tonight (while nursing my babe down to sleep at 2 am) about what it means to be pagan in regards to our footprint on this earth. Obviously part of being pagan and choosing this path is my devotion to nature and to the Mother Goddess and a huge part of what it means to be pagan (to me) is how to preserve our earth and ensure that it is here and clean for future generations.

It's funny because when I was led to the Pagan path (4 years ago) I realized that in my heart and with my actions I already WAS Pagan. I was Wiccan in my soul for a long time before I became aware. Becoming a parent strengthened my resolution to make a difference in our waste management and to become healthier not only spiritually but physically. We cloth diaper (three kids now and very little disposable diapers to last for the next 500 years in our landfill), breastfeed (no formula cans to dispose of, nor toxic plastic bottles to feed our babies with) babywear with slings and wraps (no plastic non-biodegradable strollers to clutter the garbage dumps) and use very little in the way of baby "gadgets" (no swings, exersaucers etc to hang around for a long time after our babes are grown.)

We eat natural foods in as close to their natural state as possible and buy locally whenever we can. We eat organic local meat to ensure that animals are being treated fairly. We use ecologically friendly cleaners and personal hygiene items. Recycle, Freecycle and donate. Drive a vehicle that is good on gas and buy pre-loved.

What about you? How important is being friendly to the earth for you? Is it part of your pagan path? Is it something you think about?

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