Saturday, March 17, 2007

Long long long long LONG day

I need quiet. Lots of quiet.

Phoenix waiting until I got into bed last night at 2am and decided that no... he was not in fact interested in sleeping at all and that yes... he was going to bug me until I got up with him.

So Phoenix and I watched 30 minute meals, 90210 (yes it's on at 3am) and then Mad about You. He finally nursed back to sleep again at 4:30am!

I took Loki out for a pee, snuggled him a bit then crated him and curled up on the couch expecting to be awoken at any second by the fiend...

9am rolled around... He slept for 4.5 hours IN A ROW!!!! A ROW!!!!!! wow. Then I curled into bed with him and we slept until noon. And then the day started. We went to...
M&M meats for chicken and frozen berries. Ospika pet and farm supplies for Innova EVO to supplement his chicken backs and hearts. Another place for cat litter. We then hit Shoppers Wholesale for organic fruits and veggies. Lunch and dropped frozen foods off, I nursed and changed Phoenix and then back on the road. Olivia, Phoenix (in the babyhawk) and I shopped at Superstore for the next hour and a half. FINALLY we came home. Fed the kids and relaxed... for about an hour.

Jeff took the girls and went to pick up our order from our local Metaphysical store and then picked up stuff from Ave Maria (health food store) for me. Came home, picked up fiend and I and we went to the mall to exchange Jeff's shorts and look for Jassy's birthday pressie. She wanted Dusty the talking vacuum... not at superstore, not at zellers...

So at 9pm we all headed up to Hell*Mart where we FINALLY located a talking vacuum. Purchased said vacuum and came home. It's now 10pm and we've been on the road since 1pm. Got the kids into bed. Jeff and I finally ate. Played with the very neglected today puppy and did some cleaning.

Phoenix is STILL AWAKE but ready to be nursed and put to sleep I think. I hope.

Tomorrow is parent viewing day at ballet so I get to sit through back to back classes with both girls. Then Jassy's birthday party and we stay until jeff gets off work at 5:45. Then a family night movie with the kids.

Sunday... sunday we relax hopefully.

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