Saturday, March 03, 2007

You know what?

I love glycerine suppositories. My baby hates them... but I love love love them. You know why I love them? Because they, in 10 minutes, make a baby that has NOT SHIT in almost 3 WEEKS, well... shit! Yayyyy for poo!!!!

The downside? Having to hold it in... oh blerg.

Phoenix is not compatible with eating. Solid food that is. He is eating just the tiniest bit of things but they are mega constipating him! Then it hurts to poo, so he does not poo, so it gets harder to poo, so he does not poo... the poo. IT WILL KILL YOU!

But he had 6 gloriously large poo's and he's getting back to a liquidy state. He's a much much happier baby now :) He even fell asleep on his own, in the bedroom, by himself! It was not intentional... I left him with his Winnie slumber sleeper and turned out the light so I could go pee. Next thing I know he's snoring!

So Jeff is cleaning his shop and destressing and I'm on the puter. Like normal ;)

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