Sunday, March 18, 2007

I hab a cowd

Blerg. I am ill. I have a cold. It's the same cold thats been threatening me all week but finally hit. Blerg.

I'm also very hungover... I never ever drink. In fact that last time I got drunk was almost two years ago! But Robyn and I decided we were going to nurse our babes, put them to bed and drink. And so we did. A bunch of beer, case of coolers and case of Mudslides later...

Blerg. My head is pounding. We had a great time though. We talked straight for 6 hours, laughed our asses off and bonded more big time. Now if only we could remember the night? ;)

Jeff steam cleaned the carpets tonight. Loki promptly barfed front and center in the living room. Jeff asked to let the cats up but you just know they'll drag their asses everywhere because they know the carpet has just been done.

We bought Loki two new stuffies today (from VV) a rope bone, a rope and nylon frisbee and a pack of tennis balls. We made the score of the century at Value village... two pewter goblets that are from Birks originally with the original price tags on them. We paid $6 for the pair... they were $95 each!!! Sweet :)

Well Jeff is watching Open Season... again. Phoenix went to bed at 8:30pm and I'm about have a nap on the couch :)

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Robyn said...

huh? what night do you speak of? i don't recall you ever being here...and why do i have this splitting headache anyways? LOL