Sunday, March 25, 2007

Is it possible?

That my baby is just truly this bitchy?

He sleeps well for three nights and then pulls a week of 5 hour total sleep nights where he's screaming, bitching and whining at me for the rest of the time. I can't leave the room or he loses it, even if someone else is holding him and there is nothing physically wrong with him. I can't go pee without taking him, brush my hair without holding him, make a sandwich without bringing him into the kitchen. He can no longer sit on the floor and play with his toys... he has to sit either right beside me on the couch or on me while whining the entire time. Daddy is not cutting it either. He's happy with jeff for about two seconds before screaming for me.

I know he's teething... and he still has this snotty nose (I think we're going on a month now?) I wonder if he has another ear infection? I dunno. He was so gassy and crampy last night again... I think it could have been the large amounts of cheese that I ate. Oh fuck I don't know. I want to take him to the doctors again over this food issue of his but all I'm going to hear is "let him cry" and "he'll just have to learn to deal." Gawd I'm so tired of this fussy fussy fussy baby.

Madeline is STILL DRIVING ME NUCKING FUTS! She's being hyper, rude, mean... listens to nothing I say. It sounds food related but who knows... I don't know what else she could have got into. I'm SO TIRED OF DEALING WITH HER. Jeff just reminded me that she had popcorn at the dog agility show yesterday that was yellow. Fucking hell. GAWD I'M SO TIRED OF THIS.

Olivia is fine. She's mellow and a love. Can I sell my other two and just keep her? Don't tell my other kids I said that.

So yah yesterday we went to the dog agility trials and took Mr. Loki to check out the scene. He made friends with a female agility Pem, two Bernese Mountain dogs and two Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retrievers. I got to talk to tons of people and get info about how to get started. It was in the agriplex and it was lots of fun. Loki was a hit with everyone and we had all the kids (and most of the adults) come up to ask if they could pet him at some point. LOL!

I'm stoked about May long weekend in Lac La Hache. We're taking our tent trailer, my best friend and her hubby just bought a truck and camper so neither of us have to tent it! Yayyy! We've decided we'll drink beer, play cards and act like our parents did when we were kids (minus the pot smoking ;) ) It will be nice to have a place to cook and a heater. A roof over our heads and a bed not on the ground.

Well bitchy baby is getting even bitchier (is that possible?) Should go boob him.

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