Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Coffee anyone?

Well Jeff and I finally made it to a pagan coffee meet... we never usually go because I don't want to have to ask Rose to babysit (she babysits her other grandkids often enough) but I thought I'd ask her anyways. It's been since before Christmas the last time that Jeff and I got out together without the girls (the babe was with us of course.)

We met one other member there and chatted the night away. We headed back to get the girls at around 10:30 but ended up staying and visiting till 11:30!!! I was chatting with Rose about her daughter Michelle... apparently she feels unnapreciated and unloved. I'm not sure why... I know I have been enjoying her company when she is around and I make an effort to include her in conversations.

Phoenix is still up and getting his diaper changed. I'm crossing fingers that he sleeps after this.

This is basically a nothing post... I don't have much to say apparently!

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