Wednesday, March 21, 2007


The girls and I are chillin out with our afternoon smoothie. Today it's organic whole milk, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, bananas, raw honey and one organic raw egg. It's soooo good!!! All the berries were of the frozen variety and so it's nice and frosty cold.

Phoenix is napping. I took him in the bedroom, changed his diaper, nursed him for 10 minutes... he kept doing the latch on latch off thing so I flipped him over, rubbed his back for a bit and he passed out! Sweet!

It's a freaking blizzard outside. Winds up to 50km/hour. Nice. Snowing and blowing. When the fuck is spring going to be here??? I want to replant my garden, watch my iris's bloom, reseed the lawn. ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THE DAMN SNOW! /rant

I've got Mother Goose tonight. I'm looking forward to it. It's our second to last session of the winter season and then we break for a couple weeks for spring break. I wonder what attendance will be like?

I gave Loki a good grooming, cleaned his ears and clipped his nails. I like his nails uber short (like hidden in the fur short) and he just lays on his back with his four little paws waving in the air. It's adorable! Oh and Jeff got informed by a woman at the library yesterday that he HAVE to clicker train and that if your puppy is not totally trained in all areas by the time they are three months then they never will be. Ummm. Okay. Can you say fruit cake?

We put in Madeline's scholatic book order today. I got some sweet books!!! I love how cheap they all are! I went a little wild ;) Oh well it's for the good of the school right?

Well I'm going to put a movie on the for kids and have a wee nap.

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