Saturday, March 31, 2007


I had my healing/reading and cleansing with Carmen St. Pierre yesterday It was fantastic!!!!

Many of the details are far too personal for me to post to a public site (and the people who need to know already know) but I will say that it was a life altering experience. I'm uplifted spiritually and emotionally and even physically.

I am starting a new weightloss journey today as well. More exercise, less snack foods at night, more getting real with myself. Everyday in every way I am getting thinner and thinner and thinner. I feel as if I can really do this... I am in charge of my body and all I need is will power. I have a ton of will power (no fat jokes please ;) ) and succeed at almost everything that I do. So why should this be any different?

Well off to shop and get stuff done while Madeline at at rehersal. The spring dance festival is tomorrow for her and she's very very excited :)


Anonymous said...

I'm very glad that is uplifted your spirits, and I am very opptimitic that you can loss as much weight as you want!
love ya, dawn

Anonymous said...


- Babs